Two important novelties come to WhatsApp

1651857633 465 reacciones de whatsapp.jpeg
1651857633 465 reacciones de whatsapp.jpeg
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WhatsApp, the most used messaging application in the world, with 2,000 million users worldwide, has made it public that it has introduced emoji reactions to messages, which are now available to all users.

WhatsApp already allows you to send files of up to 2 gigabytes in weight and will soon expand the maximum size of groups to 512 participants

At the same time, the company owned by Meta, led by Mark Zuckerberg, has announced another series of news and updates in the messaging app, which we are going to tell you about:

-Increasing the size of the files: One of the most important novelties is the extension of the size of the files that can be sent in a WhatsApp chat.

Until now, users of the app could send files weighing a maximum of 100 megabytes. With the latest update, that limit is extended to 2 gigabytes in weight.

-Increase in the size of the groups: WhatsApp has also decided to double the maximum size of group chats. If to date a WhatsApp group could have a maximum of 256 members, now they can have a maximum of 512 participants.

However, the size of the groups will gradually increase until reaching that figure. The same does not happen with the other two novelties, which are already available to all users in the current version of WhatsApp.

Other important news in WhatsApp

In recent weeks, the messaging app has presented other novelties in its operation. For example, at the end of April the company announced that the possibility of using the same WhatsApp account on two mobiles at the same time was under development.

For a few weeks, it has been allowing communications to be established by call between a maximum of 32 participants, when the limit was eight. Likewise, WhatsApp has announced that it has practically completed the development of a new functionality to create surveys in groups.


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