The existence of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is confirmed. What can we expect?

The existence of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is confirmed. What can we expect?
the existence of the galaxy watch 5 pro is confirmed.

One of the best smartwatches you can buy today is the Samsung GalaxyWatch 4, a smart watch that boasts the latest version of Google’s operating system for wearables, undeniable features and a spectacular design. In addition, Samsung is constantly releasing new features to further improve the usability of this premium smartwatch.

It is an open secret that Samsung is already working on the successor to this wearable and that it will arrive with a clear objective: stand up to the acclaimed Apple Watch, current owner and lord of the smartwatch market. And for this, the Seoul-based company could surprise us with a new version with more vitamins.

We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and that it would have new functions with which to make a difference. Under the name Heart-Pro, the GalaxyClub colleagues have been in charge of showing the first details of this smart watch.

What do we know about this Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

At the moment we do not have much information about it, but we can assume that this model will have better features than its predecessor and the traditional version. Notably it is not clear if it will be called Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro or Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Ultra, so we will have to wait a bit to know more details.

But we can speculate with some functions that this Pro model would integrate to make a difference with the normal Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. To begin with, this smart watch will have all the functions that we expect in a premium smartwatch, so you will not be short of the main sensors with which to take care of your health and accurately monitor any sports activity that you do.

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Besides, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro would have some additional options. For example, we know that the next generation battery will receive a substantial upgrade. Although this element will still be exclusive to the Pro model.

We can also hope that there will be more sensors. For example, many rumors suggest that the watch will be able to measure temperature, and the Pro version would be the one that could come with this feature.

What we can guarantee is that The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will arrive with Wear OS under the arm. We are talking about the operating system that the Korean company developed jointly with Google for devices with these characteristics. The rest? We will have to wait until August to see what Samsung wants to surprise us with.


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