The new Microsoft Outlook client for Windows 11 is leaked

outlook 1000x600.png
outlook 1000x600.png

There’s a new Microsoft Outlook client in development and although it is no surprise, because the company has been renewing the look and feel of some of its classic applications to unify styles between platforms, and those styles are well delimited in the design lines present in Windows 11, some screenshots have been leaked that are worth keeping an eye on.

Indeed, we continue with more productivity applications, although from Google we are now going with Microsoft, specifically with the new Microsoft Outlook client, whose development seems quite advanced, judging by the screenshots that have been leaked and that point to projects that we knew that were there, but of which we had no news to tell for a long time.

We are talking about One Outlook and Project Monarch, Microsoft’s strategy to unify the different versions of Microsoft Outlook applications in a single form that adapts wherever it is available, read PC because mobile is separate. But what exactly does it mean to unify styles across platforms? No more, no less than getting closer to what the web has to offer.


The current Microsoft Outlook

Thus, the renewal that awaits Microsoft Outlook and other applications of the firm they are based on what comes out of the webso everything seems to point, although it will have to be confirmed, in the direction that other applications of the software giant have already traveled, such as Skype or VSCode, whose desktop versions are built with web technologies (with the framework Electron, to be more exact), is that with a single development and a few tweaks, a lot of ground is covered at the same time.

Also, let’s remember that since Microsoft retired Hotmail and introduced the new Outlook a decade ago, the service and applications have already undergone a strong renovation, not only visual, as well as a multitude of small tweaks. The new excuse to get into it again is to unify, yes, but also that Windows 11 is already here.

To all this, you will be wondering when we put those leaked captures. It turns out that it is not just a few screenshots that have been leaked: as you can read in Windows Central, the entire application has been leaked and a lot of screenshots have already been made of it, of a Microsoft Outlook for Windows 11 that due to its status of development, it does not give the feeling that it will take a long time to appear as it corresponds.

Meanwhile, here is a gallery with several images to whet your appetite. You like what you see?

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