Thousands of euros were spent on a gold Apple Watch and now it is obsolete

thousands of euros were spent on a gold apple watch.jpg
thousands of euros were spent on a gold apple watch.jpg

What face would you have? if you had spent more than 16,000 euros on a gold Apple Watch and now the apple company comes to tell you that it has become obsolete and that you should look for your life if something happens to it? Well, that is what has happened to those who bought this luxurious device launched years ago. What a situation!

In 2015, Apple fans went crazy for the Apple Watch at the premiere of the first generation model. The debut of the iPhone company in smartwatches predicted great success that later did not materialize. Among the first models of the watch, the gold one stood out, a true 18-karat marvel that attracted a lot of attention. Now, their owners are going to suffer a little headache.

Your time has come

The information is collected in an internal message that the MacRumors team has leaked and that has left Apple executives in a problematic situation. What to do now? The message indicates that all models of the first generation Apple Watch, known as Series 0, have become obsolete. This means that the company is no longer responsible for any problems that the device may suffer.

Being obsolete, if one of the people who paid more than 16,000 euros for the gold Apple Watch suffers a breakdown, something breaks or finds that it has a defect that they want to solve, You will receive a resounding no as an answer. the moment you go to an Apple store. Nor will they be able to help you in any of the authorized stores that are spread throughout the world. Your device will be obsolete and will therefore no longer have a solution, at least official.

It was a failure

Apple thought there were thousands of users who had their pockets full and their credit cards ready to spend their savings on a gold smartwatch. But the company It didn’t take him long to discover the harsh reality: Their forecasts had been overly optimistic and the device was most likely cast iron. Because a year after its launch, Apple already backed down and decided to stop selling it. He was left with the idea of ​​making a more luxurious Apple Watch, but what he did was change it for a ceramic model that sold for $1,299. From just over $1,000 to $17,000, there was no doubt quite a difference.

As a way to look back nostalgically and make it feel like anyone could have a gold Apple Watch, the brand also launched this color in its line of devices. But no real gold of course. However, just because it wasn’t a success doesn’t mean it isn’t quite surreal that Apple hasn’t thought of some kind of support for the users who shelled out that gigantic amount of money to get the device. Because although software updates had already ended years ago, this is something very different than having a fault with your watch and needing a replacement part installed.

For now, Apple has not commented on what happened nor has it incorporated any type of message on its website about it. Possibly they will say something soon, at least to justify with their usual words the have stopped providing support to users who spent more than 16,000 euros on a watch. It would be interesting to know the opinion of one of the owners of the device to know what he thinks, if he still uses the smartwatch, if he has decided to leave it on the shelf as a relic or if he has already melted it to keep the gold. They might be more interested in keeping it as a collector’s item and trying to auction it off in 15 or 20 years, at least if it’s still working.

In case you’re curious, some of the celebrities who bought it were Katy Perry, Kanye West or Beyoncé, to mention the best known. However, as we told you before, possibly not many units were sold. Most likely, users would prefer to opt for a smartwatch with a better battery.

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