WhatsApp plans to change its design forever


WhatsApp has new plans for its mobile application. Although this time it is not about new functions, but rather it seeks to renew its current design. At the moment, this change is in beta phase, although everything indicates that it could soon reach Android users. And the company’s intention is to give a completely different appearance than what can be found today in its app.

Over time, this well-known instant messaging application has evolved. Not only in terms of adding new features, but it has also been changing its interface. Well, in not too long, WhatsApp design It could be completely new.

This new update is being released through the Google Play Beta Program, specifically in the version So, for now, only users with an Android mobile can enjoy this renewed design. But what changes in WhatsApp?

A more modern interface and new filters

Although the company has thought about a more minimalist interface, there are still aspects that will remain the same. As is the case of the bottom bar. In it, the options that are currently in the application are maintained: chats, statuses, communities and calls. Although, it is still unknown if this new update could add the possibility of sliding your finger between these options to change tabs.

As for the news, in this new WhatsApp bet, you can see how in the top bar they have selected to make it white to highlight the app name in green, just as they have preferred to opt for another bold font to put their brand within the application. Although, in this case, the camera, search and options buttons are also maintained. In the following image you can see much better what the new interface of the messaging app would look like:

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new whatsapp design

In addition to everything above, a new option that comes to this version is the fact that search filters are added. This way, users will have it easier every time they want to find, for example, unread messages. Among the filters that appear, there is the option of ‘all’, ‘unread’, ‘people’ or ‘businesses’. A good way to organize all the chats that users keep in their account.

On the other hand, that new bold typography It also applies to chats, so the names gain in size compared to previous versions of the application. With these types of changes, what seems clear is that WhatsApp seeks to have a certain similarity between the versions for Android and iOS. Therefore, hence the company decided to release a very similar aesthetic (although still with clear differences between the two) between the current versions for these operating systems.

And remember, this renewed design for Android still It is in beta phase. Therefore, not all users of this operating system have access to this update. We have to wait for the interface to reach its final phase so that it is finally released to everyone.