The brilliant invention that works like an Apple AirTag on the Google network and for much less money

the brilliant invention that works like an apple airtag on the google network and for much less money
the brilliant invention that works like an apple airtag on the google network and for much less money

The manufacturer eufy has presented two new devices to locate any item from your mobile, compatible with the Google network.

A few days ago Google presented its new device location network , a renewed version of what currently allows us to locate our mobile phones or tablets connected to a Google account. This network works like Apple’s, which integrates not only its phones or tablets, but also other devices thanks to AirTags, tags with geolocation that can be attached to any other product.

These labels are not new. A few months ago we were able to analyze the latest version of Samsung, the Galaxy Tag 2 , with advanced functions such as controlling home automation. However, the alternatives to Airtags until now used their own networks, meaning it was necessary for other users to use the same brand of products.


This is what Google has solved with the renewal of the Find My network, which allows products from different brands to be integrated under the same platform , which will make device detection much better. This network will be expanded with new devices from different brands, and eufy has been the last to announce the compatibility of its products with this network .

Card and button

Eufy wanted to give two options to its potential clients. To do this, it has created two location tags for different uses. One is more similar to those seen from other manufacturers, with a compact size and a small perforation so that it can be used as a keychain , for example, or so that it can be placed on the zipper of a suitcase. It has a replaceable button battery that gives it autonomy for one year. It has a QR code that allows a person who finds your lost belongings to scan it and know your information, in order to return the devices or items on which this label has been placed.



The second product is in the shape of a credit card , 2.4 mm thick, which allows you to carry it in your wallet, even if you use one of those that only accept cards and bills and have been designed to take up as little space as possible. . It is water resistant and its battery lasts up to 3 years. Of course, it is not replaceable so after that period you would have to buy another one.

Both devices have an alarm that sounds when we activate it and it is possible to hear it even if it is under another element, between the cushions in the living room and loud enough to notice us even if we are in another room. They can be purchased independently or in packs of two units.

Price and availability

Both location tags are now available on the company’s website and can be reserved, but their marketing will begin in May. In addition, the update that will make them compatible with the Google network will be in June , probably because Google will activate the network once Google I/O is over, which will begin on May 14 .

The price of the smaller tag, similar to Apple’s AirTag, is $19.99, although it can be purchased promotionally for $15.99. The two-pack costs $35.99, but is marked down to $26.99. The card-shaped one, perfect to put in your wallet, costs $29.99, and is on sale at $19.99. The two-pack of card-shaped tags costs $59.98, but is currently marked down to $39.98.

The funny thing is that in Europe the prices are somewhat different. The eufy Security SmartTrack Link costs 24.99 euros , and there are no offers or two-packs. The eufy Security SmartTrack Card costs 29.99 euros , and there are no offers or packs either.


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