Chrome trick to chat with Gemini without leaving the website you are on

chrome trick to chat with gemini without leaving the website you are on
chrome trick to chat with gemini without leaving the website you are on

Google has brought its generative artificial intelligence to the same address bar to invoke it in a few quick steps.

Last Tuesday Gemini was updated in Spain to connect it with some of the Google apps and thus offer a better user experience. It was just announced with the update that Gemini could be invoked through a key combination in Chrome so as not to have to initially enter its website.

Which means that you can make any query to Google’s generative artificial intelligence without even having to open and do it from any browser tab. A user experience that is improved exponentially and thus access Gemini at all times.


It is similar to YouTube itself when you type the address to the platform from the bar, so that by pressing the tab key you can perform a quick search for any video content you want. You just have to click on the address bar to type the at sign, then “Gemini” and finally the tab or space to go to the query you want to ask the chatbot.

Pressing enter will open directly to have the result of the query made to Gemini. A fast and agile experience that can even be improved to avoid moving the mouse pointer over the address bar and clicking on it. This is done with these keyboard shortcuts:

  • In Chrome you use the shortcut Alt + D to select the address bar .
  • Now you type at with Ctrl + Alt + 2 followed by “Gemini” .
  • The next thing is to press the tab or space key and finally the query is made to the Google chatbot.
  • will open with Gemini’s response.

Thus Google expands the Omnibox shortcuts  present in Chrome such as @bookmarks to search among bookmarks , @history for searching in the browsing history and @tabs for open tabs.


The technology giant has also included a small detail after the @gemini shortcut is performed several times so that instead of “Chat with Gemini” appearing in the address bar it simply does so with “Gemini.”

In order to enjoy this new experience, which invokes Google’s generative artificial intelligence from Chrome, you must update the browser to the latest stable version in Spain with 124 (desktop version). Simply restart the browser once updated, and you can use this new shortcut that is also available on Windows, Mac and ChromeOS starting today.


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