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Spotify gets serious: removes thousands of songs created with Artificial Intelligence

Brian Adam

According to some reports that have appeared, Spotify has removed tens of thousands of tracks from the Artificial Intelligence company ...

google, gmail and youtube suffer a fall in spain that

Google, Gmail and YouTube suffer a fall in Spain that leaves thousands of users without service

Brian Adam

Downdetector has registered minor failures throughout this Friday, which they have multiplied after 9:00 p.m.. Various Google services have been ...

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Elon Musk buys thousands of GPUs for a new Twitter project, which one?

Brian Adam

More than a month after hiring a couple of former DeepMind researchers, Twitter is apparently moving forward with an internal ...

Amazon hides a secret outlet with thousands of products at low prices

Brian Adam

Within Amazon, we will not only find discounts on products that have just landed in its online store, or those ...

META follows in the footsteps of Elon Musk on Twitter and will lay off thousands of employees

Brian Adam

The social media bubble has begun to burst. According to the Wall Street Journal, META is preparing to lay off ...

Man convicted of embezzling thousands of Apple electronics

Man convicted of embezzling thousands of Apple electronics


A man named Rusmaldy Jimenez-Hiciano was convicted this Thursday (29) of committing the crime of embezzling thousands of electronics in ...

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Fridays For Future: Tens of thousands go on “climate strike”

Brian Adam

The climate protection movement Fridays for Future again called for a “climate strike”. Thousands took to the streets in Germany. ...

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Thousands protest in Brussels over cost of living crisis


Rising food prices, startling energy bills, and frustration with politicians and employers brought 10,000 people to the streets of Brussels ...


Revolut suffers a cyber attack affecting the data of thousands of customers

Brian Adam

Attention to those of you who are users of Revolut, one of the best-known neobanks, and one of the most ...

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Thousands of low-income households in Belgium to receive energy bill relief via solar power


Thousands of social housing units in the Belgian region of Flanders are set to receive much-needed energy bill relief through ...

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