This ring allows you to open and close your Tesla without keys or cell phones or anything else


Ring for Tesla

Tesla cars are opened from your cell phone or from a credit card-shaped key, but there is an even more striking option.

Cars are experiencing a time of transition and revolution. The transition towards electrification It is the most relevant part at an economic, social and even geopolitical level, although some countries are already withdrawing aid. But there is also a change that occurs even in combustion cars, and it is the increase in technology.

It is increasingly common to be able to control the car from an application to start it, heat it or check the status of its cameras. There are also many improvements in driving aids and entertainment systems. It is true that In this section, Apple and Google are still the kingsbut more due to the demerit of the car manufacturers than for other reasons.

But if something differentiates Tesla from the rest of the brands, it is the huge amount of accessories available for your cars. And they’re not just expected things, like spoilers, floor mats or space organizers. There are some very strange accessories, such as a ring that is used to open and close the car.

A ring for everything

This accessory is designed to be a substitute not only for the card-shaped key that Tesla cars have, but also for the cell phone. The idea is being able to open and close the car, as well as activate it, without needing anything else. It is a curious product, not necessary except for those people who are very forgetful.

By always carrying it with you, it is not a problem to forget your car access card at home or for your cell phone to run out of battery., situations in which it would be impossible to get into the car or drive it. It is an invention that would be rare to see in other car brands.

Ring for Tesla

Pairing is very simple. You simply have to get into the car, go in the menus to the pair new key section and select physical key. Once there you have to put the ring in the area of ​​the car where you put the card. Normally it is next to the coasters, but in some models it is another.

When this is done you have to put in a current key., so that it cannot be configured without having access to the original physical car keys. Once that is done, it is possible to open and close the car simply by putting the ring on the central pillar of the car, where you have to put the card.

Opening the car with a ring

All this is possible because the ring It has an NFC chip that acts as an identifier. It does not need any type of charging or battery, and is waterproof. In addition, it is made of ceramic, with a really good finish, although the price is high for what it is. It can be purchased in different stores for prices ranging from 50 euros for basic models to others made of precious materials that cost more than 1000 euros.

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