Drift DR350, features of this very versatile gaming chair

drift dr350 colores.png
drift dr350 colores.png

It is normal that when the time comes to buy a new gaming chair, everything is doubtful. After all, it is not a purchase that we are making frequently and the results of whether we have been right or not are noticeable over time. In addition, we can also make the mistake of buying the one that seems most beautiful to us and not taking other factors into account. So that this does not happen to you, today we want to talk to you about the Drift DR350a gaming chair that does not have a exactly cheap price, but that seeks to compensate with specifications to match.

In this article we want to help you better understand this model of Drift so you can assess if it is a good option for you, if it is going to be short or long and also how you can get it at the best price.

Drift DR350 Design

This Drift DR350 is a fairly robust and stable gaming chair. Don’t be confused by its last name “gaming”, of course you can also use it if you spend your time in front of the computer working or studying, but they are usually called that because of their design, since those of professionals are usually more sober.

In this case, we find dimensions of 70×130-139x66cm and a weight of 23.1kg. Furthermore, as we told you, it is very resistant and supports a maximum weight of 150kgwhich is above average and also translates into good durability and high resistance.

Drift DR350

The Drift DR350 has a high density, to make it very comfortable and that we will have no problem spending many hours in it, since we will not notice fatigue. Its main material is FOAM of high quality, has carbon finishes and is available in eight colors different: green, white, blue, violet, gold, red, pink and black, all of them combined with the black base to make it more elegant and make dirt less noticeable. Personally, I love white chairs, but I would never buy it in this color since it is much dirtier.

The outer material is Textured PU, a type of synthetic leather that gives it greater elegance, although it is also true that you must keep in mind that, although it is more resistant than normal textile, it is warmer and will make us sweat more. Consider it if you live in very hot climates, because it may not be the best option.

Elements to highlight in this Drift gaming chair

To assess whether a chair is of good quality or not, you have to look carefully at the elements that make up its composition. In this case, we can highlight the following.

Drift DR350

4D armrest: We start by talking about its 4D armrests, which are called that because they are adjustable in both height and lateral angle and can be adjusted forward, backward, left and right. Find the perfect position. In addition, they also have extra padding in this area to make them much more comfortable.

Adjustable height: Thanks to its class 4 gas piston, the chair is more robust and allows the height to be adjusted by up to 9 centimeters, to adapt to users of different heights.

Adjustable backrest: Another very interesting feature is that the backrest can be reclined from 90 degrees to 135 degrees, so you can place it in the position that is most comfortable for you and even adopt an almost lying position. It is not usual to be like this in this type of seats, but having the option doesn’t hurt either.

Butterfly mechanism: The mechanism that integrates this Drift DR350 chair is butterfly type, which gives us great stability and ensures correct distribution of the body’s weight. In addition, the base is made of 70 cm metal, in black, also focused on improving the robustness of the chair and making it more robust.

Drift DR350

Lock function: Another good feature of this Drift chair is that it has a locking function. What does this mean? When we have found the position that is most comfortable for us, we can lock it so that the chair does not move and does not oscillate.

Cervical and lumbar cushion: The cervical and lumbar cushion matching the decoration of the chair are included to maintain correct and adequate ergonomics to take care of our postural hygiene. This is something very important in this type of products, since in the end it is not only that we are more or less comfortable, the most important thing is that we are not predisposed to injuries due to incorrect posture.

Silent wheels: Finally, we do not want to miss the opportunity to highlight that the wheels are made of black nylon and PU, to make them silent and safe. You’re not going to run the marathon on your chair, but you may need to do some small movement, so if you don’t make noise and don’t scratch the floor, all the better, right? We can be calm in this sense.

Drift DR350

Technical characteristics of the Drift DR350

Drift DR350
Guy gaming chair
Dimensions 70×130-139x66cm
Weight 23.1kg
Maximum supported weight 150kg
Outer material Textured PU
Colors Green, white, blue, purple, gold, red, pink and black
4D armrest Yeah
Adjustable height Yeah
Adjustable backrest Yeah
Butterfly mechanism Yeah
Lock function Yeah
Cushions included Cervical and lumbar
silent wheels Yes, nylon

Availability and price of the Drift DR350

Here we leave you the best offers to buy it today.

It is a model that you are practically sure to get right, although it is true that its price may seem somewhat high, in the end you have to consider it as a long-term investment, especially if you play a lot or if you work at home and spend many hours in front of the computer. PC.

And if you want to compare with another model, the model is also very similar. Drift DR300a true champion’s chair.

  • It is good value for money
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Resistant and robust
  • Tilting backrest
  • Good materials
  • The wheels are silent
  • Very comfortable
  • Has many colors available
  • Resists a lot of user weight

  • Does not have footrest
  • Does not have a mat

Total score

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