How to improve the YouTube algorithm to receive better recommendations?

how to improve the youtube algorithm to receive better recommendations
how to improve the youtube algorithm to receive better recommendations

The YouTube algorithm can sometimes play tricks on us. Although it is becoming more and more refined, it is possible that at times it does not quite get it right. But, did you know that there are some resources that can help us improve its accuracy?

YouTube is one of the most visited audiovisual content platforms worldwide. In it, we can find practically all topics: from videos of our favorite sport to tutorials. Going through interviews, podcasts or any other format that may be interesting to us. Its algorithm is responsible for allowing us to constantly discover new videos to dedicate our attention to on a daily basis. But what happens when said algorithm fails?

In this case, we must keep in mind that we have different resources at our disposal that can help us improve its accuracy. We tell you what are some of the best tricks that we can use.

Interact with the content you like

Although for Google it is not essential that we click on the like button to be able to offer us similar content, since it is also based on the time we spend watching the videos, it is important that we get used to clicking on the “like” button to help the algorithm provide us with similar content.

Additionally, if we are regulars on a specific channel, we can also choose to subscribe to it. In this way, we will be showing YouTube what our preferences are when it comes to showing us more similar suggestions.

Lean on incognito mode

There are many situations that can force us to see a type of content that does not belong to our main interests: from a tutorial for doing a project at the university to a tour of a tourist destination that we are evaluating or the review of a mobile device, for example . example. In this type of case, performing such a visualization from our personal account may be a mistake, since we would be interceding in the algorithm.

Instead, we can choose to watch these types of videos from an incognito window. In this way, our viewing history will be of content that responds 100% to our interests and we will avoid suggestions for content that does not interest us.

Delete your viewing history

If in recent years we have been accumulating hours of viewing and lately we see how the recommendations they make do not adapt to our needs, in this case we can always choose to delete the browsing history. To access this information, we have to visit our YouTube profile and, immediately, click on the “Settings” button. In the “Account” tab, we have to click on “View or change the settings of your Google account”.

Once there, a new window will appear. We must click on “Data and privacy” at the top and search for “YouTube History”. We must click on “Manage history” and, on the “Delete” button, select the time interval that we are interested in deleting. From that moment, the algorithm will start from scratch to provide us with new recommendations.

Check your subscriptions

If you are a regular user of the platform, it is likely that you follow different creators. However, your interests and fashions evolve. An aspect that could lead you to lose interest in some channels. YouTube, from time to time, can show us channels that we stopped watching a long time ago, especially if they have been updated recently.

To review this part, you should visit the “Subscriptions” section on your computer or smartphone, select “Manage” to view all your subscriptions on the same page. Next, delete those that you are not interested in maintaining.


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