Amazon Prime has a month of April full of surprises for its subscribers

amazon prime has a month of april full of surprises for its subscribers
amazon prime has a month of april full of surprises for its subscribers

Amazon does not provide stitches without thread. The company is very clear that April is going to be a great month for all its subscribers. To do this, the platform is outlining an initiative with great synergy between several of its services that will make users spend a few weeks full of fun.

We have a good month ahead of us. On the one hand, Fallout premieres on April 11 , the television series that is set to create a trend in the coming weeks. And on the other hand, Amazon is also giving away one of the franchise’s games so you can enjoy the premiere in the best possible way.

Discover the world of Fallout

Your subscription to the Amazon Prime service includes free video games that you can access in a matter of a few clicks. And although new titles are added every month, in this month of April access to these free games is especially important. Because, among them, there is one that we recommend you try as soon as possible.

This is Fallout 76, a title that will be available from April 11. That date is going to be magical for Amazon subscribers, because, as we said, it is also the day the series premieres. Previously, Amazon had already given away the other installments of the franchise and, although Fallout 76 did not receive a warm reception upon its original release, it has improved over the years. Today it is a game that will help you better understand the universe of the series and have a better understanding of the characters and the style of situation in which the world finds itself.

To download Fallout 76 for free you will have to go to the Amazon Prime Gaming service, where you can log in with your same Amazon username and password here . As you will see when you enter, there are many free games that you can download and play without limits. For example, speaking of Fallout, you have Fallout 2 or Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, with which the fun will be at a high level.

Additionally, this April you can get up to 12 free games . Chivalry 2, Faraway 2: Jungle Escape and Black Desert are now available, while on April 11, along with Fallout 76, the games Drawn: Trail of Shadows, Faraway 3: Arctic Escape and Demon’s Tilt will be added. For its part, Rose Riddle: the Fairy Tale Detective and Dexter Stardust: Adventures in Outer Space will be added on April 18. And, to finish the month, starting April 25 you can play Living Legends: Fallen Sky, Vlad Circus: Descend into Madness and Tiny Robots Recharged for free.

A highly anticipated premiere

But, of course, the games are not going to be the only incentive in April. We also have the premiere of Fallout on the 11th , which is destined to be one of the series that hits the hardest on Prime Video in recent months. With this objective, a few hours ago Amazon published a video in which they announced a contest about the series in which it will be possible to win tons of prizes. For now it seems that the contest will only be for the United States, but just watching the video in question makes us want to see the series even more.

The intention of this is that we see that Amazon is organizing a good one around Fallout and that the series promises to be an event. This places us in a future in which the Earth has been destroyed due to a terrible nuclear war. Some people survive underground, while others face terrible conditions outside. Under that premise, Fallout places the viewer in a universe that is full of action and surprises. Whether it’s the Fallout games that are available for free or the series itself, Prime subscribers have a fun-filled month of April.


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