All football for 30 euros on Movistar: an offer that is not available to everyone

all football for 30 euros on movistar an offer that is not available to everyone
all football for 30 euros on movistar an offer that is not available to everyone

Movistar surprised everyone with the launch of its latest promo to watch all the football between now and the end of the season: all for just €30 in a single payment . An offer that makes all the sense in the world for those who want to enjoy the final days of LaLiga EA Sports and the last matches of other competitions such as the Champions League. However, if you look at the fine print you can see how it is not available to everyone.

As much as it sounds good to watch all the football until August 31 on Movistar Plus+ for only 30 euros, the reality is that not everyone has access to this promotion. The TV package that will be enjoyed until the end of August is ‘ All football ‘ which has a price of 45 euros per month, which represents a significant saving. Now, the issue is that it is not accessible to many users.

Who can take advantage of the promotion

If you like watching football, it is clear that you are going to think that it is a great offer from Movistar. However, there are a series of points that must be taken into account, since no matter how much you want, you may not be able to apply this special package promo with all the operator’s football .

For example, if you are already a miMovistar customer , you have until April 30 to take advantage of this deal from the operator. So you still have time to pay only 30 euros to watch these competitions: LaLiga EA Sports, Champions League and Europa League, LaLiga Hypermotion, Serie A and Bundesliga. The problem? If you have already contracted a football package, you cannot apply this promotion. From the Movistar Community, the moderators explain the following:

Therefore, any customer who already has a football pack will not have the opportunity to apply this offer. However, if you are a miMovistar or Fusión customer , then you may be lucky enough to apply the promotional price of €30 in a single payment from contract until August 31, instead of €45 per month.

And they are not the only ones, if you are not a Movistar customer and you wanted to take advantage of this promotion, be clear that you cannot. Only current customers can apply for this offer, as it is an exclusive deal for miMovistar or Fusión users. There is even one last group that does not have it available either: satellite customers . ” I’m sorry but this promotion is not active for satellite customers ,” they explain from the operator’s community.

On the other hand, there are customers who are afraid of missing out on a special discount, for example, a 50% discount for 12 months. Well, the operator has to assess whether or not it is compatible with this exclusive offer. However, the operator’s moderators confirm in different cases that these types of discounts are also maintained.

How to hire

The offer began on April 15 and you have until April 30, 2024 to contract this pack. And you must keep in mind that you will have this service until August 31, that is, the end of the 2023/2024 football season. Starting in September, you will pay 45 euros per month. The good thing is that this plan has no permanence , so you will be able to cancel it whenever you want. And if you want to hire it now, you can call the operator, go to their website or request it directly through the Movistar Community.

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