I jumped right into SkyShowtime. This is what I think of the cheapest streaming platform a year later

i jumped right into skyshowtime this is what i think.webp.webp.webp
i jumped right into skyshowtime this is what i think.webp.webp.webp
After passing through the United States, skyshowtime arrived in Spain. AND arrived at the right time. Some platforms had already increased in price, others were expected to increase and, in addition, it landed in our country just when Netflix announced the policy change on shared accounts.

In addition, it reached a knockdown price with a brutal launch offer, but not everything has been positive on the platform. Next, I’ll tell you my opinion of SkyShowtime after almost a year as a user of the platform because it has positive points and some negative points that end up weighing too much.

The positive points

Let’s start by looking at the points that, for me, are strongest in SkyShowtime. Although there may be more on one side than the other, I am going to highlight both the three positives and the three negatives in my opinion.

Good wardrobe background

The first is something that really attracted me when the platform was announced: the catalog. The truth is that I didn’t come with many series that I wanted to see, but I had ‘Halo’, ‘Frasier’, ‘Californication’, ‘The Office’, ‘Parks and Recreation’ either ‘Yellowstone’, among others, that I wanted to either see again or enjoy for the first time.

Only with those series, plus the asking price, I had a good enough excuse to give it a try. Besides, Behind SkyShowtime are Paramount NBC, DreamWorks, Universal and Peacockvery powerful producers in the industry.

I had already seen ‘The Office’, but it is one of the series that I can watch at any time and, furthermore, it premiered with many films from legendary sagas that it is always good to see again. That wardrobe, as I call it, conquered me.

And it has a lot of cartoons, something that the little ones in the house (or the house with which you share the account) enjoy.

Own quality content

SkyShowtime Opinion

With the production companies behind it, there is no doubt that the platform’s catalog will be of quality. They have a long, long catalog of both series and, above all and in my opinion, movies.

Little by little they have been filling it and some films from 2023 are now available as interesting as ‘Mission Impossible: Mortal Sentence’, ‘Transformers Rise of the Beasts’ (regular, but if you liked ‘Beats Primal’ it’s mandatory) or ‘Asteroid City’.

In series, the second season of ‘Halo’ has just arrived, it’s the great ‘Poker Face’ and the Frasier “part two”in addition to the platform’s exclusive series, so there is a lot of good content (and a lot of not so good content, although it is normal on all platforms).

A ridiculous price and shared accounts

It is clear that the price was what won many of us over in the beginning. The offer of 50% for life (if you didn’t cancel) was extremely juicy, since it left the monthly payment at 2.99 euros. It’s a bargain, really, for that wardrobe and the new arrivals..

And, currently, it doesn’t seem that high to me. It is true that the monthly payment costs 5.99 euros and is high for the state of the platform, which I will now comment on, but the annual or six-month subscription leaves the monthly payment at 3.92 euros.

It is a very interesting price and, in addition, you can share the account. You have the possibility of creating five profiles, putting a PIN, creating child profiles and there is no restriction like with Netflix or what Disney+ plans to do.

And the negative points

SkyShowtime Opinion

However, SkyShowtime also has negative points or that I didn’t like them that much. Some of them have been half solved, but the truth is that the cheap price did not justify (and I don’t think it justifies) some decisions.

Rhythm of news

The first is that the initial pace of news was gradual.. Little by little the platform has been receiving more content, but accustomed to the stream of news from Netflix Disney+ or Movistar (yes, half of them don’t interest you, but at least you have a lot of new things to choose from), the slowness of SkyShowtime is something that I didn’t like at first.

I once watched ‘Halo’, ‘Yellowstone’ and the new ‘Star Trek’, I kept thinking “now what”. In fact, I admit that for about six months I only maintained the platform… because it was cheap.

Now the batteries have been getting going and we have interesting news in series and movies, although I still consider that there is little new content if we take into account the number and power of the studios and production companies that are behind the platform.

The controversies with the disappearance of content

From overnight, SkyShowtime removed movies (entire sagas like ‘Fast and Furious’) and some episodes of series like ‘Dexter’, but the most worrying thing is that series like ‘Penny Dreadful’, ‘Mr Robot’, ‘Downton Abbey’, ‘Yellowstone’, ‘House’ , ‘Parks and Recreations’ or ‘The Office’, among many others, showed a missing person notice the following month.

SkyShowtime Opinion

This would leave the content catalog very limited and, above all, the uncertainty of what would happen to those series for which, precisely, you had subscribed to the platform. We contacted SkyShowtime and They assured us it had been a mistake.but when the date arrived, although most of the content did not disappear, other productions did.

They left me in the middle of ‘Parks and Recreation’ (thank goodness it’s on HBO Max) and sagas like ‘Fast and Furious’ still didn’t appear. However, after a few weeks, these returned to the catalog and a case like that has not been repeated, but the truth is that it was an important negative point for subscribers in the first weeks of the platform’s life in our country.

No improvement in audiovisual quality (and it is not because of the 1,080p)

And where they have not improved is in the quality of both video and audio. Using the outdated H.264 or AVC codec, the maximum resolution is 1,080p, but the bitrate is not the most suitable and, furthermore, it does not have 5.1 audio solutions.

In content with many dark areas, it is possible to see artifacts in the image, something that is not noticeable in others such as Prime Video, Netflix or Disney+, and also the weight of the downloads is high if we take into account the image quality.

On the mobile the truth is that you will not notice it because the pixel density and the size of the screen plays in favor of the content, but when you go to a 55 or 65 inch TV… it is noticeable.

There is something that has nothing to do with the platform: time

In the end, After almost a year, my opinion of SkyShowtime is positive. It is true that there are negative points that weigh or have weighed at some points in this period with the platform, but if I keep it it is for a reason. Precisely, because of that wardrobe and some other exclusive production in series form.

Now, as a final reflection, I have to say that I would not be surprised if SkyShowtime were, along with Netflix, the first platform to fall if prices continue to increase on any other. And there is no time to see everything, and that is the great enemy of this type of platform.

In my case, a lot of Prime Video and Disney+, although I am picking up HBO, SkyShowtime and Netflix. However, there is also Filmin with an excellent catalog and not only streaming video platforms compete among themselvesbut there are also streaming game services like Xbox Game Pass that want to take over video platforms.

Time is not unlimited and not only are there many platforms, but most are raising their prices. It is a fierce, ruthless competition and the days continue to have the hours they have. And when that’s the case, and With so many powerful production companies behind it like SkyShowtime has, we have to offer a little more in the form of quality to choose to watch the movie on it (since some are on other platforms with better quality) or in the form of a catalog.

But hey, this is just a reflection of the current streaming landscape. If you have SkyShowtime and want to share your experience, I would be happy to hear from you in the comments.