The Tinder of movies will allow you to choose a title with your partner without arguing

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804429687 237182752 1200x630.jpg

The Handshake app works like Tinder, and allows you to choose movies with your partner easily and quickly, without arguments.

When mobile phones became smartphones, they did so hand in hand with hundreds of applications, which are those that promoted the uses for which more power was required, better screens or a permanent Internet connection in your pocket. Without those applications not much could have been done. This made it possible for smartphones to be used to play, work or even flirt.

And the application that became ubiquitous for this last need was undoubtedly Tinder, which created an extraordinarily simple yet effective interface. Just by sliding a finger to one side or the other you could indicate whether the person who appeared on the screen was interesting or not. This way of interacting was so successful that it was replicated by many other applications.

One of them is Handshake, an app designed not to flirt, but to put two people in agreement on choosing a specific topic. But it does so using the same simple and effective interface as Tinder, swiping right or left. Perfect for choosing what movie to watch, or what dish to cook.

The name of the application itself suggests that agreement, meaning “handshake” in English, the typical gesture of having reached an agreement. This app can be downloaded from the Google app store free.

The interface allows create “games”, thus calling pairings of people to get them to agree. There are several predefined ones, such as movies and series. When selecting, you have to establish what streaming platforms there are as well as whether you want new titles or the entire catalog, in addition to the genre of the movie or series. And of course invite the other participants.

Handshake interface

If you slide to the right it will be validated the choice of the title in question, and if it slips to the left, but also down or up, it will be discarded. Additionally, clicking on the main image will open a window with title information, in case you want to know more about the movie before deciding whether to discard it or not.

At the top right appear the matches, that is, the coincidences between the participants in the game. You can also see the matches from other users by looking at the Explorer option in the bottom bar of the application. The application is free, but sometimes ads appear when you are doing something in the interface.

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