Forget Midjourney: this AI to generate images is reliable and very fast

804179858 237185306 1200x630.jpg
804179858 237185306 1200x630.jpg

A new artificial intelligence allows you to create images and illustrations with text descriptions for free.

The creating images with artificial intelligence has become extremely popular with apps and services like Midjourney, a Discord-based system that started with free options but has been limited to only being able to be used for a fee. There are alternatives, such as Leonardo AI, and others equally powerful, such as Dall-E 3, which can now be used in Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. or LuzIA, a Spanish chatbot for WhatsApp.

Now it’s the turn of another AI, called Night Cafe, which allows you to obtain daily usage credits simply by connecting to the service, and with payment options if it turns out that more credits are needed. And with a very striking capacity for simple customization.

The quality is quite highalthough without reaching the levels of some paid services. Each image will spend a credit on our accountwhich can be filled without paying by performing certain actions.

This service is used through a website, where it is free to register. On the left side is the creation menu, as well as the history of the generated imagesa chat to chat with other users and system preferences.

On the right side, occupying the main area of ​​the interface, is the creation area, where the text descriptions will be placed, as well as the design configuration that you want to use in the images. Special mention to the section Presets, visual styles that allow you to obtain images with a specific aesthetic with just one click.

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Image created with Night Cafe

To use Night Cafe all you have to do is write what you want in a text, and select the visual style. In the example in the image the text “A woman with a vine-shaped tattoo on her face, with blonde hair and yellow eyes“The curious thing is that in Spanish the result is less precise.

So that, it is advisable to use text commands in English, with the help of a service like Google Translate. In this way, language is not a limitation to have more realistic images. In the opening image of the article, the same command has been used but with the visual styles of Hyperrealism and Anime.