The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will cut the zoom in half, according to leaks. And for a good cause

The long telephoto of the Galaxy S24 Ultra could go from 10x to 5x, but with 50 megapixels to perform digital enlargements or zoom lossless, according to a reputed insider


A classic every year is that Samsung begins to leak its next phones flagship months before the official presentation. A few weeks ago we started hearing the first rumors and leaks of the Galaxy S24 Ultra and, now, we have new information about the cameras.

Specifically, on the longest telephoto, which it would go from the traditional 10x of recent years to 5x content like the one Apple mounts in the iPhone 15 Pro and Google in the Pixel 7 Pro (and which is also expected for the Pixel 8 Pro). This is all a leak, but from a source that does not usually fail in the industry.

A new 50 megapixel sensor for the S24 Ultra, but with half the optical zoom

If tradition is fulfilled, we will get to know the Galaxy S24 in depth during the first half of February, but as has happened for many generations, about six months before we begin to have a lot of information about the phones that, in the end, we see in the units that are they market.

One of the last ones comes from the leaker Ice Universe via Twitter. It is one of the most reliable sources in the sector when we talk about leaks and points to a reduction in the telephoto focal length of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

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If the Galaxy S23 Ultra mounts a 10x, the S24 Ultra will go to a 5x. This telephoto will have 50 megapixels instead of the 10 megapixels of the current generation 10x. He Galaxy S23 Ultra It has a telephoto sensor with a size of 1/3.52 inches and the new 50 megapixel sensor would have a considerably larger size, being 1/2.52 inches with 0.7 micron pixels.

That is to say: less focal length (half, so it is a considerable step backwards), but with more megapixels to enlarge and, in addition, a larger sensor that captures more light. The second telephoto would be a 10-megapixel 3x, like the one found in this generation. ice universe leak

The configuration of the new five-fold telephoto would be very similar to the one seen in the Xiaomi 13 Ultra And something curious is that, a few hours ago, Samsung shared a publication in which they talked about the benefits of mounting more megapixel, and larger, sensors in the tele cameras of mobile phones.

They were not talking about 50 megapixels, but 200, but they commented that, with that number of megapixels, the sensor can be cut to make a digital zoom without loss. With a 50 megapixel sensor the optical focal length could practically be doubledso you would still get a 10x lossless instead of optical, like in this generation, but a 10x nonetheless.

The difference is that the sensor is larger, so cwould fit more light and detail than the current 10x with the smaller sensorbut all this is theory and we should see practice.

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That the Samsung statement and the Ice Universe post have coincided may be just that, a coincidence, so we will have to be attentive to new leaks that give more weight to this cut in focal length of the S24 Ultra.

In fact, a few weeks ago it was leaked that there would be a 50 Mpx 5x sensor, but We all thought it would arrive to replace the 3x. What is clear is that it would be a curious move, since Samsung has carried as its standard both the 200 megapixels of its main sensors and the benefits of the zoom of its Galaxy S Ultra.

But, in the end and as we always say, it is still a leak and, no matter how much credibility the leakeryou have to wait for any communication from the company.