The best way to play Android games now is on the computer: 4K resolution, controllers, and more

The latest update to Google Play Games for PC brings important new features in image quality and controls.

Although there are still gaming phones designed for gamers , they have gone somewhat out of fashion for a simple reason: any high-end phone sold in Spain is already capable of running all the games without and offering a good experience without problems. However, that doesn’t mean they are the best way to enjoy these games.

Ironically, if we want the best quality in our favorite Android games, we should not use a cell phone or a tablet, but a computer . All thanks to Google Play Games, the PC platform launched in Spain at the beginning of the year.

This program for Windows is a launcher that allows us to run games initially designed for Android, directly on our desktop or laptop computer. Although compatibility is not perfect, the platform already hosts no less than 3,000 games, including some of the most popular ones such as Clash of Clans or Clash Royale.

Android games on Windows

With the recent Google Play Games update, the experience is even better. Google has confirmed that the new version of the platform brings important new features for PC players, which allow them to take advantage of the power and hardware of their computers to achieve a superior experience than that of mobile phones.

A good example of this improvement is in the 4K resolution support , which allows you to take advantage of the best monitors and the best graphics cards available on the market. That resolution is truly rare in the Android sector, and will allow you to enjoy games with a level of sharpness and image quality that should surprise anyone. The program now has a new keyboard shortcut, Shift+Tab, which opens a menu that allows you to choose the screen resolution; We just have to choose the native resolution of our monitor to see a clearer image.

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Another appreciated detail is the new compatibility with controllers; Play Games now allows us to use the same controller that we have connected to our computer to play Android games. Among the available models are the PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers, PlayStation 4 DualShock, and Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X controllers. However, Google warns that not all games are compatible with a controller, and that it will depend on each developer; There are some titles, for example, that were not designed with that possibility and will never receive support, but there are others that are already receiving it.

Other improvements to Google Play Games respond to criticism made by users; Keep in mind that this program is officially still in beta status, and there are parts that can change. One of those parts is the search bar, which now allows us to find the game we want more quickly and easily.