Nvidia is preparing a surprise for your future computer: a processor that will be very similar to your mobile phone

Nvidia is preparing to launch its own desktop processor, taking on Intel and AMD directly.

The personal computer industry is more exciting than ever. In addition to offering the best products in their history, leading manufacturers are expanding beyond their territories. For example, Intel already has its own graphics cards , even though its brand is more associated with CPUs. Now, Nvidia can return the ‘favor’.

And Reuters has revealed that the graphics chip manufacturer is preparing to enter the computer processor market , with a very ambitious secret plan that others have previously tried without success. The idea of ​​taking on Intel and AMD is enough to put off most suitors, but Nvidia, thanks to the growth achieved by sales of GPUs for cryptocurrencies and Artificial Intelligence, can finally afford it.

Nvidia’s ace in the hole would be in the architecture chosen for these processors. Instead of following in Intel’s footsteps and using the same x86 architecture, Nvidia would surprise with chips based on ARM architecture thanks to an alliance with its creators, Arm Holdings. AMD would also be developing its own chips based on the same architecture, making the leap from x86.

This is what Nvidia CPUs will be like

According to the publication, Nvidia processors are already being secretly designed for Windows systems ; In fact, Microsoft itself would be part of this project, as part of its migration process to the ARM architecture with the aim of facing Apple on equal terms. The pillar of this plan is the ARM architecture, which is more efficient compared to x86, and until now has been mainly used in smartphone processors; Although ARM’s weak point has traditionally been power, Apple’s latest advances with its M1 and M2 processors for MacBook show that they are already capable of keeping up with, and even surpassing ‘classic’ processors in some aspects.

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Nvidia processors would use technology from Arm Holdings, designer of the cores that make up a CPU; This alliance comes after Nvidia’s failed attempt to buy Arm Holdings. The first computers based on these chips could hit the market in 2025 , a year after the exclusivity contract that Microsoft has with Qualcomm to develop ARM-based systems ends. It will be then that this and other projects, such as AMD’s, will probably be revealed to make the leap to the new architecture.

These won’t be the first Nvidia CPUs, or even the first ARM-based ones. The company once developed Tegra processors, used in many Android systems such as the Nvidia Shield , and more recently, in smart cars. Although Intel and AMD have stepped up with the latest releases, the fear in the sector is that the current architecture is reaching its limits. That’s bad news for Microsoft, which has seen Apple double its market share with its new chips; Although for now that is not much (Windows still completely dominates the market), it is worrying for the future. Meanwhile, Intel continues to bet on its own technology, although in the past it has given indications that it would be renovating its factories to produce ARM chips; For now, the latest Intel processors already take inspiration from mobile processors, with a design based on two different types of cores for different tasks.