How to download Pokémon Showdown for Android this is how you can get the APK

how to download pokémon showdown for android this is how you can get the apk
how to download pokémon showdown for android this is how you can get the apk

Pokémon is a phenomenon that moves billions a year. From video games to merchandising, there is a gigantic market around this Nintendo franchise. However, although it is more than proven that anything that bears the name Pokémon is synonymous with success, the big N never takes users into account. And this leads the gaming community to create tools and platforms with which to satisfy these needs. And one of them is Pokemon Showdown.

Pokémon Showdown is an online platform where users can put all types of Pokémon teams to the test thanks to its battle simulator. Any user can access this platform through the browser, or its official app, create their own team and  fight online with Pokémon against people from all over the world. All this in real time.

Why has Nintendo never created a tool like this? It is not known. But we cannot deny that the competitiveness of these pocket monsters drives the vast majority of players in this saga, and having this type of tools would not only generate income for the big N, but would help all these players refine their techniques.

In addition to its website, which we can access from this link , we can also download and install the official app to be able to carry out these fights from our Android mobile. Today we explain how to do it step by step, since for obvious reasons Google does not allow this app to be published in the Play Store.

Download APK for Android

For legal reasons, the app cannot be published within the Google Play Store. However, we can download it from any other alternative portal that distributes APKs of the program. For example, we can find the latest version of this app in Malavida. We can also find it with the name « Monsters Showdown! » in some other app stores in order to avoid attracting attention. Although we must be careful with malware.

Of course, it is important to make it clear that Pokémon Showdown is not in Spanish . This is a tool in English, which we will only be able to use in that language. If we want to play it in Spanish, we have no choice but to go to their website and use Google’s own translator to show us the texts in our language. In any case, despite being in English, we will not have any problems using it.

What we are going to have is a complete lobby entirely in Spanish, with Spanish-speaking people, where we will be able to speak and challenge other people in our own language.

Install Pokémon Showdown on Android

Once we have downloaded the APK, the next step is to install it. Since Android by default blocks the installation of applications that come from outside the Play Store, what we will have to enable first is the possibility of installing APKs from unknown sources. Depending on the ROM that we have installed on the mobile, the process will be done in one way or another, but broadly speaking it will be very similar.

What we have to do is look for the section in the Settings menu, and choose the application that we want to be able to install the Pokemon APK . For example, if we are going to download it from Chrome, we will have to give permission to Chrome, while if we have already downloaded it and we are going to install it from the file explorer, we will have to give permission to the explorer.


Once permission is given, we can  install Pokémon Showdown on Android to be able to do online battles with people from anywhere in the world. And all of this completely free of charge.


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