App development: Make applications fit for Android 13

app development make applications fit for android 13
app development make applications fit for android 13.png

In order for their own app to make the leap to Android 13 without stumbling, developers have to lend a hand. The privacy innovations in particular are treacherous.


From one day to the next there are complaints about notifications that are no longer displayed – a horror scenario that is unfortunately realistic with the update to Android 13. If developers want to avoid this, they must now adapt their applications.

If you work a lot with notifications, you could soon see them completely blocked by the latest privacy improvements: Starting with targetSdkVersion 33, you need to request permission POST_NOTIFICATIONS with the usual suspects checkSelfPermission(), shouldShowRequestPermissionRationale() and requestPermissions().


In addition, one should use the NotificationManager function available since API level 24 – Android 7.0 areNotificationsEnabled() make sure that the sending of messages is not blocked. This can also happen if permission is granted.


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