Matter 1.2 now supports large smart appliances the complete list

matter 1.2 now supports large smart appliances the complete list
matter 1.2 now supports large smart appliances the complete list

The ecosystems of Apple, Google, Samsung and Amazon can now control the large appliances you have in your home.

Matter became official at the end of 2022 to become the unified standard for all companies that launch smart home devices in Spain so they can understand each other. Matter has now been updated to version 1.2 , which brings support to a large number of devices.

Matter is a ‘product’ that has not been designed by a single company, but rather the intention to create a new standard for technology companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple, and thus eliminate that wall that has been the lack of ‘understanding’ . ‘ between your smart devices . That is, you can use a single app to manage an Apple or Amazon smart speaker.

These ecosystems, such as Apple’s HomeKit and Google Home, are separate and independent systems, but Matter eliminates that wall and can thus be understood without barriers. As long as the device is marked as compatible with Matter , it can be configured with Samsung’s SmartThings, Google Home or Apple’s said HomeKit.

With Matter 1.1 the list of compatible products was precisely the smallest, such as sensors or smart lights themselves. In Matter 1.2 it is greatly expanded to be almost the largest update received and will be an important moment for home automation.

Matter 1.2 adds up to nine smart product categories . If it has taken a while to launch their compatibility, it is because they are more complex products than a light bulb or a door locking system. And in fact, with this list you can better understand why it has taken a year to bring these devices to the new standard.

First of all, Matter 1.2, announced on its website , adds compatibility for air quality sensors. These sensors not only read data from the environment and transmit it to the ecosystems themselves, but they also need to offer AQI (air quality index) information with the location of the devices and this action needs to be done with every intelligent ecosystem for the home.

Robot vacuum cleaners also appear on this list and their operation is not simple, since they need to take all types of cleaning commands in order to assign the levels of use of the mop or the intensity of the scrubbing in Matter 1.2. For example, they must be able to report error codes if they get stuck or in another peculiar situation.

The Matter 1.2 device list

  • Refrigerators : apart from temperature monitoring and control, this type of device is also applied to others such as freezers or refrigerators to keep wine at a good temperature.
  • Air conditioning : thermostats and HVAC were already part of Matter 1.0 so now air conditioning devices with temperature and fan control are added.
  • Dishwasher : basic functionality is included, such as notifications and start of washing. Alarms and notifications for errors such as water supply and drying, temperature and door lock are also supported.
  • Washing Machines – Progress notifications when the wash cycle is completed. Dryers will receive Matter support in an upcoming release.
  • Robot vacuum cleaners : apart from the basic functions such as remote start or progress notifications, there are now some key features such as cleaning modes and additional status details.
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms : support for notifications and audio plus visual alarm signal. Also, there is support for battery status and end of product life cycle.
  • Air quality sensors : Compatible ones can capture and report on PM1, PM 2.5, PM 10, CO2, NO2, VOC, CO, ozone, Radon and Formaldehyde. This inclusion will allow Matter devices to offer AQI information based on your location.
  • Air purifiers : they use the air quality sensor to provide information and the functionality of other devices such as thermostats and fans is also included. The purifiers also include consumable resource monitoring and filter status notifications (HEPA and carbon filters are now supported in 1.2).
  • Fans – Support for fans is included as a certified device type. The fans now support movements such as oscillation and new modes such as natural air or sleep. Additional enhancements include the ability to change the direction of the air and commands to change its intensity.

Matter 1.2 is a breakthrough for companies like Whirlpool and Maytag that are already planning the integration of this version throughout their catalog, according to 9to5Google . What this new version really does is pave the way for major appliance brands to start using Matter.

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