Renfe notifications arrive on WhatsApp: how to configure them on your mobile to receive information about your trips

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renfe notifications arrive on whatsapp how to configure them on.webp.webp.webp

A few days ago, Renfe has activated a notification system for customers who have purchased their train tickets through the Renfe website or application. receive notifications on WhatsApp or in the app if you wish.

If you buy train tickets through the application, the push notifications will arrive on your phone’s main screen by themselves, but if you don’t have the app because you buy them from the web or simply because you want minimal distractions and that they only notify you of what is important , then it may be interesting to you have Renfe notifications on WhatsApp. We tell you how you can configure them on your mobile.

How to configure Renfe notifications on WhatsApp

If you usually make your reservations online or from the app, you will already know that Renfe confirms transactions through email and SMS, but now it has added its application and WhatsApp, the messaging app par excellence. But in the case of WhatsApp there is a peculiarity: in order for it to notify you it will be necessary give consent during the purchasing process or from the private areaas explains Renfe itself.

In the first case, this implies that, during the different steps of the purchasing process (enter origin and destination with dates and if we want one way or round trip, choose train, add personal data, accept conditions and make payment) a box will appear to give authorization. But If you have a Renfe account To speed up this purchasing process, have discounts and accumulate points, the most interesting thing is to have it already configured for all your trips.

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Go ahead we have tried to do it from the Renfe app and that option does not appear, but it does from the website which allows us to configure it from devices such as a mobile phone, tablet or computer simply from any browser by typing To do this we will have to log in and within the ‘My profile’ section, go to ‘My data‘ > ‘Notifications‘.


Once inside, you will find several options to activate, although the one that interests us is the last one, the one that refers to WhatsApp.

a give of important details before checking the box: Renfe details that they will never send advertising through this channel, so they will not bombard you with commercial information. You can also revoke the permit at any time, either by repeating this process and deactivating the box or by following the link that you will receive in each Renfe notification on WhatsApp.

What information from Renfe will I receive through WhatsApp? According to the Spanish National Railway Network company, essential data such as the train number, departure and arrival time, seat number and the assigned car will reach the messaging app.

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