After trying this radio application on Android Auto, I stopped listening to the classic FM

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after trying this radio application on android auto i stopped.webp.webp.webp

In the midst of the streaming music craze, a study a few months ago revealed a curious fact: when we are in the car, we prefer to listen to the radio. Maybe it’s because you forget about the mental burden of having to choose what to listen to, letting others do it for you. Or to listen to whoever is on the other side of the waves. Perhaps because of the practicality of using less battery and mobile data, and that it is also free. I however prefer to have the best of both worlds: listening to the radio but not from AM/FM, but with an application.

Because the main advantage of radio in an application is that you can listen to the radio station you want wherever you are, forgetting about the station being changed and having to retune it or disappearing when leaving its broadcast area. So I have been using TuneIN for a long time, a free radio application compatible with Android Auto and perfectly adapted: this is the experience of using TuneIN on Android Auto.

TuneIN Radio: the radio you want wherever you want

Having TuneIN Radio on Android Auto does not have much mysteryas long as it is available for free on Google Play Store. As is usual to install an app on Android Auto, we will first install it on the mobile and when we get into the car and it synchronizes with the vehicle’s Google infotainment system, we will see the app in the main menu.

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Once inside we find a very clear interface to learn how to use from the first moment: in the upper area is the menu with several options such as ‘Start‘, a listening history on ‘Recent‘, the stations saved in ‘Favorites‘, the explorer in ‘Browse‘ and on the far right, the classic magnifying glass to search for stations. In fact, for me its design is so good that it even surpasses what we see on the screen of the car itself, whether from the manufacturer or from Google.

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Normally the station I listen to the most when I’m in Pamplona and surrounding areas is Gaztea (a kind of Basque ‘Los 40’) and for news, Euskadi Irratia, so to search for them we tap on the magnifying glass. With the car stopped, we can write, but otherwise we will have to dictate to it in a simplified experience compared to that of the app. Once we have it, we touch and the playback will begin in real time (although with some delay). Quite easy. However, you could also speed up this process by doing it beforehand.

Once you search for it and listen to it, it will be easy to have it at hand, since you can see it in ‘Recent’, which in turn appears at the top of the main screen. For practicality, I also tapped on the heart to save them as favorites. In my case I use the application for these two stations, but for someone who listens to many more, It’s good to have the stations so organized.

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When you are listening to a station, a playback button will appear in the lower left corner similar to those offered by Spotify or Prime Music, intuitive and functional in terms of design and controls. This screen is the one that best integrates into the option of showing Android Auto Coolwalk divided into a mosaic, for example when we are also using a browser.

On my journeys Rarely is the playback broadcast dropped, beyond some specific moment of bad signal in mountainous areas or tunnels, in fact it is something that has almost never happened to me. However, this can also happen to you with classic FM. I also want to highlight the high sound quality.

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Although I recognize that my use is very specific, you could use it to listen to news from around the world, radio stations of specific musical genres… if you like to listen to various thingsit is worth taking a look at the browse section because it includes radios from all over the world grouped into different categories, including some local ones.

The free version of TuneIn Radio has ads, but they are more affected on the mobile than on the car console, offering a fluid, intuitive and complete experience, which is why this application has been become essential in my


TuneIn brings together live sports, music, news, podcasts and radio from around the world in one app

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