Organize your TikTok favorites so you always have them on hand and share them

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829177154 239550130 1706x960.jpg

The popular vertical video social network has a very advanced favorites management tool that includes folders.


If there is an application that has changed the way we consume content in recent years, it has undoubtedly been TikTok. The vertical video social network has made it very normal to record videos in this format, and has even managed to fight with Google when it comes to being the place where younger users go to look for information of multiple topics.

Until the popularization of this application, the default video portal was YouTube, which continues to be more important for creators, for its monetization system and for being designed for longer videos. Of course, this seems like it could change since TikTok is starting to invite certain users to upload long videos in horizontal format.

This could skyrocket the use of TikTok, even more than it does now. And to To be able to organize your favorite videos, there is a tool within the interface itself which even allows you to categorize those saved videos into different sections, depending on the type of video, creator, etc.

Organizing favorites

On social networks like X, when you want to save a post for some reason, what you usually do is give it a Like. This way, it will appear on the profile and can be accessed whenever you want. In the case of TikTok you can also do that, but sometimes You can check how a video that has been marked with a Like does not appearand that is a problem if you want to save it.

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To avoid that you have to use the Favorites option, which has a bookmark icon and appears in the main interface of the application, just below the comment button. To save a video you just have to press it and it will be highlighted in yellow. But the most interesting thing is that, if there are folders created, it can be hosted in one of them.


If you don’t have those folders created yet, it’s easy to do so. You have to go to the profile, click on the favorites icon (the one right next to the Likes) and there select Collections. At the top of this interface the option Create a new Collection will appear, where you can also select if you want that Collection to be public.

A trick to quickly identify these collections is to put an emoticon in the name in addition to the title you prefer. If you want, you can enter one of these collections and Manage the videos, to Move one from one collection to another or delete it from all of them.


To delete a collection, what you have to do is click on the arrow icon in the upper right corner, which in addition to showing the sharing menu, will allow you to delete the item. In this part too You can change the name or make the collection public.