Google Assistant breaks on Android Auto with the latest update: possible solutions to the problem

google assistant breaks on android auto with the latest update.webp.webp.webp
google assistant breaks on android auto with the latest update.webp.webp.webp

It is a time of change in Android Auto and although that is good news for those of us who use Google’s infotainment system, we see how the assistant’s driving mode has been redesigned, the imminent arrival of artificial intelligence or 3D buildings in Google Maps . Even Google Assistant on Android Auto is undergoing changes to bother less. The B side of this revolution in Android Auto It is that with the changes come some errors.

Thus, in a few days we have discovered flaws between the Google infotainment system and the Samsung Galaxy S24 and more recently with Google Assistant and Android Auto, with serious problems in its operation. If you are experiencing this error in your car and mobile, we recommend that you read this article carefully and try the potential solutions to the error.

Google Assistant can’t even open in the latest version of Android Auto

Google Assistant is a providential element in Android Auto. Beyond the convenience offered by giving voice commands to the car console to help us while driving, the reality is that this way of interacting is the only legal way to avoid fines from the DGT. Because you can also ask him for almost anything: to take you to a gas station, to send a WhatsApp, to play you a song, among others.

But if you have your Android Auto up to date with the latest version installed in your car, you may have problems when trying to use Google Assistant. More specifically, when you try to open it you see how it stays loading and then shows the ‘Oops, something went wrong‘, which means that the assistant is rendered useless from the first minute, without you being able to give him any orders.

Although it does not affect everyone, The problem seems to be quite common.since in the Google support forums we can find several threads such as this, this, this also this either this, all with a few days of life. If we take a look at all of them in search of common points, everything points to the Android Auto 11.1 update or an update of the Google application as the main suspects, although there is no official explanation for the problem.

As in so many other times, it is a matter of time before Google fix it in the form of a new updatebut in the meantime there are several measures you can take to avoid or solve it.

Before getting out from

However, if you have enough time, there are a couple of tips to try to solve it:

  • Download the new beta version of Android Auto (currently the latest is Android Auto 11.3 beta) hoping that this one will not give you problems. How to do it? If you’re in the beta program, your device will update automatically. If this is not the case, you can download the Android Auto 11.3 beta APK from APKMirror and install it as another application.
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  • Downdating Android Auto, or what is the same, returning to a previous version. To do this, it will be necessary to have automatic updates disabled and in the mobile settings, go to ‘Applications’ > ‘All applications’. Once you find Android Auto, uninstall it or tap ‘Uninstall updates’. After, go to APK Mirror and download the latest previous stable version. Of course, then you will have to configure your car’s Google infotainment system from scratch.
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