Not clearing the cache, a fatal error on your Android mobile

cache android pcpal.jpg
cache android pcpal.jpg

Clearing the cache of our Android mobile phone can bring interesting benefits that go far beyond the speed it takes for our terminal to execute all types of tasks. It also has a direct impact on security. But how should we do it and why is it so important?

As we accumulate months of use on our terminal, regardless of its operating system, it is common for us to have the feeling of a certain slowdown when carrying out any process. Not all the applications we use on a daily basis They manage the cache in the same way. So it is possible that there is a certain imbalance and that apps that we do not use often or do not take into consideration are causing considerable damage. the performance of our device.

However, and although we tend to only relate the cache memory with the experience that the terminal offers us, the reality is that it can also compromise our security directly. Even more so if we do not update the applications constantly.

What is the cache of our terminal?

The mobile device cache It allows the browser that we use by default on our terminal to execute any action faster. To do this, it stores temporary files that reduce loading times and provide a much better experience. In this way, everything remains in the search history so that it can be preloaded automatically as soon as we want to access a website.

The final objective of the set of actions that a terminal executes on a normal day is to save time. Preventing the user from having to wait a large amount of time for a website to fully load. However, the problem comes when cache is too big compared to the memory of our terminal.

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It is worth keeping in mind that not absolutely all the data on our mobile device is saved in the cache. But only the most important data. Mainly user settings and login information, for example.

The security of our Android phone

Delete data from any application on our phone It is a compromised process that can generate some concern about the information that we may lose. However, it is important to keep in mind that when an app malfunctions, it is likely that the application have file results in cache damaged or that have not been imported correctly from one version to another. Something that can also happen, for example, when we update our device.

Some applications may be poorly protected as a result of a failure in the update, representing a threat to the user in the event that they have private data in their cache that could compromise our security. Therefore, it is important to get into the habit of cleaning the cache memory of our terminal when we notice that certain applications begin to give unjustified errors or when our terminal experiences a performance problem.

To do this, we must open the settings menu and select the tab that refers to the applications. Next, we have to click on the See all button, which is located at the bottom of the screen and, immediately after, touch the name of the application in question that we want to clear our cache. Finally, we touch on Storage and cache and We activate the final deletion.

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It is important to keep in mind that this process is temporary and that from the first moment we begin to use the app again, The cache will automatically save all the key data and information that we enter. Therefore, this method cannot be taken into account as an effective solution to solve space problems.