Google announces the Pixel Watch 2 and its new Pixel Buds Pro

google announces the pixel watch 2 and its new pixel.jpg
google announces the pixel watch 2 and its new pixel.jpg

The Keynote Made by Google ’23 It has been quite a spectacle! The company has announced the Pixel Watch 2, its new generation of smartwatch that is ready to captivate users with new functions and a good dose of AI. The new Pixel Buds Pro have also entered the scene, with which they once again improve the way in which we will hear sound and calls in a clearer way than ever.

The broadcast of the Made by Google ’23 event organized by the Android company has given us everything we expected and even more. In addition to the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, which we told you about in a separate article, the most important thing has been the entry on the scene of the Pixel Watch 2, the company’s new smartwatch.

Below, we talk to you about everything that happened and right above we leave you the video of the broadcast in case you want to see it delayed. After all, it has been a session full of information, so you may want to enjoy it again so as not to miss any details. If you want to go fast, don’t miss out on what we tell you.

All kinds of news

Google starts with energy and celebrating that 2023 is a big year for Google, given that the 25th anniversary of the entity is celebrated, a year of international innovation and great advances. Of course, among the big news that Google talks about, AI is of special interest, a market in which they have been focusing in recent months. It is something they have been talking about for years and for which they have prepared thoroughly. Therefore, they talk about how the new Pixels are going to be closely related to artificial intelligence.

The company celebrates that Pixel is the brand that is growing the fastest in the smartphone market worldwide. This is something they will continue to support through hardware, software and the use of the latest technology, such as Google DeepMind.

Google began the event by commenting on the new Pixel Buds Pro, which stand out for the great clarity they provide in communications, helping to make it possible to listen in any type of situation. in a totally crystalline way. In addition, latency is reduced by 50%, a type of achievement that video game lovers will love. But Google’s news does not stop there, the introduction of the Dual Screen Interpreter Mode has been announced, with which the company’s mobile phones will allow translating in a really efficient, intuitive way with support for more than 45 languages.

Another novelty of the Pixels Buds Pro is being able to start conversations without having to remove the headphones from your ears. To do this, the AI ​​will detect that you start a conversation and will take care of activating the Ambient Sound mode to help you hear the call better. It won’t be the only way headphones will help us to be more satisfied with its use, since new hearing health recording technology is also incorporated. With it we will keep track of our way of listening and we will receive notifications when the system thinks we should lower the volume to take care of our ears.

Pixel Watch 2

We begin with one of the highlights of the event with the presentation of the Google Pixel Watch 2, which has improved many of its features and functions, incorporating a quad-core processor and a 24-hour use capacity with a 12-hour charge that recovers in 30 minutes. The company places special emphasis on new functions and ease of use of applications, as well as the presence of Safety Check, with which users can feel safer when they are returning home.

In addition, the Pixel Watch 2 incorporates artificial intelligence algorithms, three new sensors and improvements to those already present, providing better performance and more efficiency. Among other things, heart rate recording has been improved more accurately and in a greater number of situations and activities. New coach functions and the Body Response system have also been incorporated so that it can detect changes in your mood and so you can have a better record of your day to day life.

Made with recycled aluminum, this new smartwatch model hits the ground running with a more resistant structure and compatibility with previous Pixel Watch straps, a look that users will love who are already using the previous models. In addition, the Wear OS 4 operating system incorporates dynamic use of apps such as Gmail or Calendar. No less relevant will be the use of the Fitbit app, redesigned and with many more functions to take advantage of so that we can stay in shape and enjoy a healthier life. Of course, AI has been incorporated to become a virtual coach that helps us feel better. For example, it will cross-reference data of different styles and we will be able to ask the artificial intelligence why we have noticed that training in the last few hours has been more complicated. You can see this below in the example that Google has shown.

These functions will be available with priority access for Pixel terminal users, and it is expected to become a notable change in the lives of users. The Pixel Watch 2 will launch at a price starting at $349. It can be pre-ordered now and will be released next week. Each of these watches includes a six-month Premium subscription to Fitbit. They also recommend taking a look at the Fitbit Charge 6 due to its compatibility with some of Google’s main tools, such as Google Maps.

Then it was time for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, the highlights of the presentation. Google has revolutionized, once again, the smartphone market with the introduction of both models, stylized designed and elegant and with new colors to cause a sensation among users. If you want to know everything about these two new terminals, we recommend that you take a look at our in-depth news.

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