My favorite app to watch YouTube videos on Android TV is not YouTube: it’s free and frees me from ads

my favorite app to watch youtube videos on android tv.webp.webp.webp
my favorite app to watch youtube videos on android tv.webp.webp.webp

If you have a television with Android TV or Google TV, YouTube will come as standard among the applications of the operating system and on a personal note, I appreciate it: it is great for me to see a fragment, recipes, follow a tutorial or to leave it as background music . But There is something about the Google video platform that I don’t like at all.: advertising.

This has an easy solution: sign up for YouTube Premium. However, it is quite difficult for me to add one more fixed expense in the form of a subscription, mostly because my usage differs quite a bit from month to month. Fortunately I have found another alternative: a free Open Source application to continue watching YouTube without ads.

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YouTube is great, but it’s full of ads

Go ahead and there are a few alternative apps to get rid of advertising on YouTube, such as NewPipe for Android phones and tablets. And for Android TV? It is not available, but SmartTubeNext is, with which be careful, not only will you see the videos without ads but you will also keeps you favorites, playlists and subscriptions.

In short, on my smart TV I have YouTube and an alternative application to this one and yes, it makes all the sense in the world If what you are looking for is to improve the experience.

How to download and use SmartTubeNext

I already tell you that SmartTubeNext It is not available on Google Play Storeso its installation requires a little more work, but not much: you need to download its APK on an Android phone from your Github page and from here, launch it to the TV with a specific app installed both on your TV and on the initial download device (we have used a mobile phone as an example, but it could be a tablet or PC), something you can do with Send Files to TV or using file management apps for Android TV like TV File Commander. Another alternative: download it directly to the TV with a browser for Android TV.


Important: To be able to install applications on your TV that are not in the official Google application store, it is an essential requirement that you enable pre

Once we finally have the application installed, there is not much more mystery thanks to its intuitive interface perfectly adapted to the televisionwhich in fact reminds us of the original, as you can see below these lines:


Because it has the main features of YouTube: cards for videos of a generous size, a side menu with categories, recommended and lists, the magnifying glass for searches… it also allows you to log in with your Google account, so you also have at hand what you follow on the platform official, including history.

To tell the truth, once inside your account everything you do is saved as on YouTube and you can see it both on the original platform and on SmartTube. Finally, you will also be able to configure aspects such as quality and playback speed, subtitles or movement within the video. Come on, the best of YouTube but without ads.

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