WhatsApp Web also has a beta: so you can sign up to have all the news before anyone else

whatsapp web also has a beta so you can sign.webp.webp.webp
whatsapp web also has a beta so you can sign.webp.webp.webp

On mobile you can use the normal version of WhatsApp or its beta and the same applies to WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp Web also has a beta and you can sign up in a few seconds, if you know how.

Using the WhatsApp Web beta will allow you try the latest news before anyone else also when you chat from the browser. The best thing is that if you change your mind, going back to the normal version is just as easy.

Sign up for WhatsApp Web Beta

What’s new on WhatsApp Web They arrive early in the beta version than normal, exactly the same as happens with mobile applications. Thus, you have the opportunity to try the new features ahead of time, but with the drawback that you may encounter errors.

After all, beta versions are used so that beta-testers can report errors to WhatsApp and a solution can be found before extending the changes to all users. When you sign up for the WhatsApp beta, you can use a form for precisely that: to report any errors you find.

Step 1

However, the WhatsApp Web beta is very stable and after using it for more than a year I have never had any problems. If you dare to try, first you need to sign up entering WhatsApp Web Settings, in the browser. You do this by pressing the menu button ⋮ and then Setting.

The main difficulty in signing up for the WhatsApp Web beta is that the button to do so is hidden in an unusual place: you must enter the Aid of the settings.


Now all you need to do is check the box. Join the beta, very bottom. The change is instant, so if you wait a few seconds you will see the WhatsApp version, shown a little above, change to include the text (beta version).

Go back (there is no button to save changes) to return to your chat list and you will probably notice that WhatsApp Web is something different, since the beta version is ahead of the normal one.


You will know that you are using the beta version of WhatsApp Web because it is included the BETA text in the top barnext to the buttons to see the states, communities and channels.

If in some moment you want to leave the beta version of WhatsApp Web and return to normal, you must repeat the previous steps and simply uncheck the box Join the beta.

As we mentioned, the process of signing up for the WhatsApp beta should not take you more than a few seconds and by doing so you ensure that you are always up to date. There is no user limit, as far as we know, as there is in the Google Play beta program. These are all the steps to sign up for the WhatsApp Web beta:

  • Open WhatsApp Web.
  • Press the menu button ⋮
  • Go into Aid.
  • Brand Join the beta.
  • Go back to your chat list.

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