Massive Employee Leak on Twitter

How to remove the Twitter view counter
How to remove the Twitter view counter
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Twitter is today in an even more delicate situation than the one the company had in recent days. It seems there has been a major worker flight which leaves the staff of the social network even more depleted.

Twitter has closed its offices until November 21

Last week the dismissal of more than 50% of the Twitter workforce after the purchase of the company by Elon Musk. The manager had sent an email to the remaining employees at the company this week asking them to accept very harsh working conditions. Those who did not accept them would be fired receiving compensation of three months’ salary.

Apparently, of the 8,000 employees remaining in the company, most have decided not to accept the proposed conditions and leave the company. This has meant that, for the moment, Twitter’s Human Resources department is being overwhelmed and is not able to process all the casualties.

In addition, fearing that employees could sabotage the company -since many of them still have access to the social network systems- Elon Musk has decreed the Closing of the offices until, at least, next November 21disabling access cards for employees.

At the moment the official number of employees who have left the company is unknown, but of the 8,000 workers that remained in it, it is speculated that around 1,000 may remain in the firm. There are sources that point to an even more massive leak, estimating that There are 238 employees that currently remain on Twitter.

Whatever the final figure, the massive leak seems assured and today there are many Twitter users who show their concern on the social network for the future of the company. The hashtag #RIPTwitter is a trending topic on the platform and many are looking for alternatives to Twitter. In this sense, the Mastodon social network has announced that it is receiving 14,000 new users who join Mastodon every minute.

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