Twitter loses hundreds of employees, could the platform fall?


Twitter has lost hundreds of employees who have decided to resign a day ago due to the “extremely harsh” conditions of the company, with no option to enter the new “Twitter 2.0” plans proposed by the new CEO, Elon Musk, according to information shared by the medium The Verge. The new Twitter executive decided at the beginning of the week that it would be “extremely hard” on employees, putting them under intense long-hour shifts. Musk says that only employees with “exceptional performance” will get positive ratings.

Twitter resignations due to inappropriate working conditions

Elon Musk sent out a Google form last Wednesday, requesting responses from workers. They only had to answer “Yes” until before 5:00 p.m. on Thursday in case they wanted to continue in the company even with the changes. Faced with this situation, hundreds of employees decided not to continue, thus resigning from Twitter. Workers will have their respective compensation for dismissal.

At the time, when taking command of the platform, Elon Musk laid off approximately 7,500 employees, which would be around half the company at the time. Since then, Musk has gone on with mass layoffs against some who don’t go with his ideas, as well as engineers who have been around a long time.

The medium, The Verge, was already in charge of speaking with Twitter employees, for which they mentioned that due to the number that have already been laid off, it does not take long for the platform to “break soon”. In case it happens, the company will have a hard road to recover, say the workers.

Musk also temporarily shut down different Twitter office buildings and services, even going so far as to suspend employee ID cards, Zoë Schiffer says. Meanwhile, Musk is “terrified” that the remaining workers will try to sabotage the company from within.

According to the statements, Musk tried to convince some employees to continue staying with the company. Bloomberg has said that key workers continue and Elon withdrew labor demands. The new CEO dictated that the weekly working hours would be 40 hours, although he has also decided to change this by having a face-to-face monthly meeting, working from home and more facilities.

Following Twitter Blue’s $8 account impersonation, Musk will need to make changes quickly.