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Telegram allows you to auction the name and pay with cryptocurrencies

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Telegram, among other novelties that it has recently launched, will allow its users to be able to market their digital identitiesallowing them to sell their usernames by public auction through a gateway that will allow said transaction to be collected in cryptocurrencies.

Telegram users will be able to sell both their usernames and stickers, emojis or channels through auction

To do this, you work with the auction platform on blockchain TON (The Open Network)which would be in charge of managing the transaction, and which Telegram abandoned in 2020. This platform, which was originally developed by Telegram itself, is made up of an independent community of developers that uses the code that was created in its day.

The transactions will be carried out in the native virtual currency of said platform, the Toncoin. This new possibility of monetization has its origin in the fact that Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, discovered the large number of users auctioning both e-wallets and their own usernames.

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Expanding this incipient business model, Durov has assured that in the near future they could also be auctioned by this method stickers, emojis or even channels. All these transactions would be guaranteed with the security provided by the support of blockchain technology.

Telegram is not a newcomer to blockchain developments. It has already begun the development of its own cryptocurrency (Gram) that would be traded on its own open network (Telegram) but after an investigation by the SEC (Stock and Exchange Commission, equivalent to the National Market and Competition Commission) and the Following federal court proceedings, Telegram relinquished control over its blockchain platform to the TON Foundation in 2021.

Telegram, which has already reached 700 million monthly active users, has as its great asset end-to-end encryption which, by facilitating anonymity, guarantees security in relationships and transactions. This feature could have facilitated the aforementioned marketing of electronic wallets and usernames through the instant messaging platform itself.

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