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iPhone 13 will retain the same price of the previous generation, without 1 …

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After the WWDC and the launch of the betas of the new operating systems, it is time to talk about the iphone 13 and more details released by TrendForce. Less than three months after its possible launch, the official name continues to be doubted since in this report it is considered as iPhone 12s.

iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s, good news is expected

There will be 223 million units those that TrendForce projects in the initial production of the next Apple flagship device. This means an increase in annual production of 12.3%., a situation that is contrasted with the increase in the production of COVID-19 vaccines and the relaxation of blockades in the United States and Europe. Another highlight is that Apple will gain market share partly because of Huawei’s abandonment in the high-end mobile division. This point will begin to be reflected from the second half of this year as soon as the new device begins to be marketed in the world.

Something very positive is that the new iPhones will retain the current price of the previous generation. Priority will be given to optimizing existing features plus adding new features. The first and most anticipated is the reduction of the notch at the top of the iPhone screen. There will be 4 models that will start from the mini to the Pro Max, keeping the previous line of sizes. Starting price of $ 699.

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The smallest notch of the iPhone 13 appears again

A15 chip (how could it be another) of 5 nanometers manufactured by TSMC, although Apple could surprise in 2022 with a new 3 nanometer chip. The screen characteristics will be preserved although the Pro models will have a 120 Hz refresh rate (long awaited). TrendForce emphasized that the storage sizes will remain the same, there will be no 1 TB option.

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