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Improve your WhatsApp: how to download and install new stickers for free

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It is possible that on some occasion the emojis fall short when it comes to sending an image that expresses exactly what you need. For that applications like WhatsApp launched the stickers, which are very useful. But, perhaps, the basic ones will fall short. Well, we tell you how to change this situation. The reason is that in the messaging application we are talking about there is the possibility of downloading new ones and, in addition, many of them are free. This will increase the options you have when sending a sticker -and always being different-. In addition, the process is simple and completely safe, since a tool that WhatsApp has is used, so there will be no errors in the download and installation process. Without a doubt, an excellent possibility that you shouldn’t miss knowing that it exists and that will increase the possibilities that exist with the app of this type that is most used worldwide. How to download additional stickers on WhatsApp The steps couldn’t be more intuitive, but the truth is that for this to be the case, you have to know where each option is. And, in this, it is in what we will help you. Without further ado, we leave you what you have to do on both iOS and Android to get new stickers that revitalize your WhatsApp: Open the application as usual and, now, access a chat (it can be group or personal). lower area is the box that exists to enter the text. In it, just to the left, is the icon that allows you to choose emojis. Click it and in the lower area of ​​the window that appears, look for an option that has the shape of a folded sticker. Give it regular use. Now you will see all the options that you have installed by default in WhatsApp. In the upper right part there is an icon with the “+” symbol that, when pressed, opens a new screen where you will see all the possibilities that exist and can be downloaded. Go through everything you see, and for each of the possibilities you like, just to the right, you’ll see an icon that, again, has a “+” symbol. Click on the chosen ones and wait for the download to be carried out. The installation is done automatically. From this moment, whenever you want to send a sticker via WhatsApp, you will already have the new options that you have obtained at no cost. An important detail is that at the bottom of the place where you have downloaded the new stickers, there is a link that allows you to find applications with new stickers in the official stores. These can be paid, but there are all kinds of options. It is not a bad idea to explore the existing possibilities to increase the customization of your WhatsApp application. >

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