The iPhone 14 will also improve its fast charge, but… Will it be enough?

The iPhone 14 will also improve its fast charge, but… Will it be enough?
the iphone 14 will also improve its fast charge, but…

The iPhone 14 will also improve its fast charge, but… Will it be enough?

If the rhythm of information that appears in which new options are indicated that will be part of the new iPhone 14 Apple, these are going to run out of secrets. Today it was the turn of the fast charge that they will offer. It will improve, yes, but what is indicated does not make one think that the company’s smartphones will become a reference in this section.

To date, those from Cupertino have prioritized safety over speed in this feature. And this is not necessarily bad. Except if you sin conservatism and, indeed, that is what seems to be happening. The truth is that, currently, what the iPhone 13 offers has nothing to do with what many of the models that companies like OPPO or Xiaomi use allow. And, this, in the long run, will end up being a problem if the matter is not taken action.

What Apple is preparing for its new iPhone 14

According to the source of the information, these new smartphones that will see the light in the month of September will reach a loading speed of 30W. This means that we are talking about the highest that the North American firm has offered to date and, the truth is that we are talking about a fairly positive advance. This is especially due to the fact that the amperage of iPhone batteries is not very high, so an increase of this type represents a significant reduction in time that the phone has to be plugged in. More or less, it would be a 10% improvement.

Using an iPhone with a Mac in the background

Obviously, if you review what exists in the Android smartphone market, there is no comparison. But, yes, we must not forget that the batteries of the terminals with the development of Google are much larger, so to maintain low charging times it is necessary that the power is higher. The point is that Manzana does not relent in its efforts to make it clear that greatly increasing the power in this section is something that not particularly relevant… But there are not a few who think just the opposite.

Any other reason for this to happen

One of them could be that the iPhone 14 will keep the port Lightning such as the one used to recharge phones, and which will not yet make the leap to USB type C. Therefore, the stability of the socket would not allow the use of high powers, since this is low and faulty controls could occur -which would have As a result, the batteries fail prematurely. Consequently, this may be a possibility for Apple to make the aforementioned decision to stay at 30W.

The fact is that it seems that there will be a fast charge on the iPhone 14 that will allow these fully charged in less than an hour. But, the truth is that it is not much for a company that is one of the most important in the market and that, at least in this section, does not follow the rhythm set by its competition at all.


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