I have tried the main free applications with speed camera warning for Android Auto and it is clear to me that these are the best

i have tried the main free applications with speed camera.webp.webp.webp
i have tried the main free applications with speed camera.webp.webp.webp

Since I went to live in Madrid a couple of years ago, taking the Pamplona – Madrid route and vice versa has become something common for me, as well as moving around the capital and its surroundings to get to know them more. Life and traffic here is more hectic and to drive in the face of so much movement I need to use all my senses and avoid carelessness, which is why our Android Auto is never missing a navigation application with radar detection. As I also usually try apps of all kinds for work, the result is that today it has passed through the console of my car the best free radar and navigation applications with this function for Android Auto. That’s why I know which ones I would recommend.

If you were expecting only one application, bad news: I consider that no app is overwhelmingly superior to the rest in terms of radars, but that all the ones you will read below have some differential quality.

The one that warns against surprise radars: Waze

It doesn’t matter that Google bought Waze years ago and that Maps is the darling of the Mountain View company: the browser of Israeli origin still has an ace up its sleeve that makes it providential, its community. Yeah, Waze warns of fixed and mobile radars If you configure it for this purpose, but if a temporary police checkpoint is set up at a certain point on the route right now, it is highly likely that you will see it sooner on Waze than anywhere else because there is high activity among its users and users.

And I know this because I have experienced it firsthand: passing by a point at a specific time and seeing how they are setting up the operation, passing by again half an hour later and the notice is already posted on Waze. But whoever says radars or police controls, says other road incidentsincluding bad weather.

Summarizing: if you want to find out everythingthe best is Waze because its community is the true bastion of this app, although it has other assets that position it ahead of Google Maps while driving.


Navigation and traffic

The most exhaustive: Fixed and mobile radars


From a general navigation application with a radar detection function we go to a specific app, specifically ‘Fixed and Mobile Radars’, which shows fixed, mobile, section radars and traffic lights with speed control quite exhaustively since the community also contributes (although on the other hand, it is noticeably smaller than others and only shows a button: while this app has more than a million downloads in the Google Play Store, Waze exceeds one hundred million ).

But it has another ace up its sleeve: it lists information about the radars not only en route, but also when consulting possible routes before leaving

Fixed and Mobile Radars

Radar detector

The one that is going to make you know no matter what: TomTom Go

Img 2176

We return to the navigators with an old acquaintance: TomTom Go, the free application that is the heir to the legendary GPS. In Android Auto it has little to envy of Google Maps and Waze in general and if we talk about the radar warning, its management is outstanding.

To begin with, they stand out notably in their minimalist and simplified interface, but they also warns of fixed and mobile radars, offering out loud the speed limit of the radar and, as you can see on these lines, with a red message about its proximity so that under no circumstances should you cross it above the permitted speed.

TomTom AmiGo

Free GPS navigator without ads

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In Apps ProBox | Five navigation applications with free speed camera warning and compatible with Android Auto

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