WhatsApp is not made to send large files larger than 2GB and there are good reasons. These alternatives are better

whatsapp is not made to send large files larger than.webp.webp.webp
whatsapp is not made to send large files larger than.webp.webp.webp

For a few days WhatsApp has allowed send photos and videos in their original quality and although this is a great advance, the reality is that regardless of whether it is a photograph, a document, a video or in general any file, the limit is 2GB. That couple of gigabytes constitutes a more than respectable restriction for content, although on occasion it may fall short. What happens if we want to send a file larger than 2GB? Below we will tell you some of the most interesting options to carry it out (although we will see that there is fine print) and reasons for this limitation.

Only 2GB please

The 2GB figure is a notable update over the previous limit, so only 100 MB and it obeys a reality: mobile phones are increasingly They take photos and videos with higher quality, which is why they take up more and more. Likewise, nowadays it is relatively normal to find terminals that have at least 64GB of storage (according to the technical sheet, then remember that the OS takes up its own space, so basically we will never have those 64GB).

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However, it is worth remembering that a 2022 study by Milanuncios concludes that 45% of Spanish citizens spend more than 300 euros on their mobile phone, only 10% exceed the one thousand euro range and there remains 55% whose budget is less. at 300 euros. On the other hand, the most common thing is to change your phone every two or three years, according to a CIRP study. This is just an orientation to put on the table that In Spain, the majority have entry-level or mid-range phones and they probably have a couple of years behind them.

Yes, in this segment there are 128GB versions (nowadays, the norm in new mobiles) and even 256GB, but taking into account the budget and the useful life of the phone, there are many people with a mobile phone with little storage. And if you send them a file larger than 2GB, you are doing them a job. That’s assuming they have WhatsApp configured for transfer via Wi-Fi, otherwise be careful about the data rate.

So WhatsApp has a limit of 2GB with all the sense in the world and that obeys the current reality of most phone use. Yes, you will be able to send that minute of wedding video, but it is not for a photographic report. It goes without saying: there are better alternatives if you want to send large, quality files.

I want to send files larger than 2GB through WhatsApp: alternatives

Starting from the obvious but not trivial basis that unless what you are going to send is a single file that in itself exceeds 2GB, the normal thing is Divide them into groups below that figure and that’s it.. But let’s put ourselves in the worst case scenario: that file of more than two gigabytes.

The first and only solution to send a file via WhatsApp that weighs more than 2GB is simple: compress it to lower that quality. Thus, there are websites like Compress2Go that can be used both from iOS and Android through any browser that will allow you to compress images, videos, documents and even generate zips. However, within the Android ecosystem there are alternatives for photographyfor files in general you can use Google Files among other compression apps and also There are applications to compress videos. On iOS there is also applications to compress and decompress files.

Nevertheless, If you have taken high-quality photographs or videos, we assume that maintaining it is an important requirement. and that if you want to share the audiovisual content created, your thing is to enjoy it in its maximum splendor. Otherwise, simply lower your phone’s recording quality and you’ll greatly minimize the risk of going overboard.

This is where other alternatives appear where strictly and technically speaking You are no longer sending a file larger than 2GB via WhatsApp, but rather you are sharing the download link. These are some of the most interesting:

  • Send Anywhere. It is an alternative to WeTransfer (which is limited in its free version to those 2GB that we intend to exceed). Although it can be used Web wayfrom the mobile it is more convenient to install the application (free in App Store and on Google Play Store).
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  • Cloud applications: the list is long, but sticking to free options you can choose between Google Drive, OneDrive, MEGA, the latter reaching 50GB available. Another option: if you are on Prime, you have 5 GB in Amazon Drive and, be careful, unlimited photo and video storage in Amazon Prime Photos, a kind of Google Photos without compression. Upload the file, generate the link and pass it through the WhatsApp chat.

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