I have installed Here WeGo on my Android Auto and it has convinced me with its simplicity and this function that Waze does not have

i have installed here wego on my android auto and.webp.webp.webp
i have installed here wego on my android auto and.webp.webp.webp

There is life beyond Google Maps and Waze. Google browsers are a great option to avoid getting lost behind the wheel, but there are such a large number of compatible applications on Android Auto that it is worth giving them a chance to find real gems. Thus, in the navigator category there are gems for lovers of simplicity such as Maps.me and others as reliable as the legendary TomTom AmiGo. I have tried Here WeGo, a free GPS navigator compatible with Android Autoand this has been my experience.

Installation and first steps

As with any application compatible with Android Auto, to install it in my car’s infotainment system what you have to do is download it to your Android mobile from the Google Play Store so that the next time we get into the vehicle and both synchronize, we will see it on the screen.

It is not necessary to create an account, but it is worth keeping in mind some recommendations

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From here, we tap on the application on the car screen to open it and we will see the map of the environment. Now we can enter a destination in the search box (the one with a magnifying glass), which can either be among our favorite places or write it down, as long as the car is stopped. If we are underway, we will have to provide the destination by voice for security reasons.

When selecting the destination, a series of proposed routes will appear where information on the necessary time, distance and traffic will be displayed, with the trajectory superimposed on the map in the Google Maps style.

A simple and attractive interface with a pleasant surprise

Img 4241

This navigator adapts the screen to night/day mode by default, something that at this time of year when it is quite common to drive in low light, we were grateful for not being dazzled by the clear mode. Of course, it is compatible with Android Auto Coolwalk in case we want to have navigation and other applications such as streaming music at the same time and suddenly a WhatsApp message pops up.

What you see below these lines is its interface when we are following a route, quite clear and functional. As for colors, it reminds me a lot of the new Google Maps for Android Auto due to its sobriety, quite far from the flashy Waze color palette.

Img 4218

Although the colors are different, the reality is that thanks to that familiarity it takes little time to get used to the appearance. Yes, it turns out less baroque than Google Maps in terms of information on the screenwith a clear screen and schematic maps that help you avoid getting confused by superfluous things.

As information: Here WeGo’s mapping is that of Nokia and although it is more sparing in terms of extra information such as businesses, it makes up for it by showing the street numbers, something that is not bad at all for moving around in large municipalities. Of course, with some new streets the layouts have failed, something that has not happened to me with Waze or Google Maps.

Of the navigation I liked how intuitive it is to follow itwith a somewhat classic aesthetic: with the pointer that indicates our position, the clearly differentiated trajectory that also changes color depending on the traffic. By default, the speed limit of the route is shown at all times with our speed, which helps not to exceed them.

Img 4217

There is two speech bubbles at all times on the screen: the top one informs about the route and the next maneuver in a concise way and the bottom one shows how much is left in distance and time and the estimated time of arrival. The good thing is that you have a lot of information and it is clear, the not so good thing is that in my opinion, they take up too much space, hindering viewing.

When you touch the screen, they appear a few more buttons: the one that allows you to finish the route, the zoom to zoom out or zoom in on the map, the volume of the directions, change the point of view, settings or layers. Something that I didn’t like too much either: it is not possible to change the route once chosen.

Img 4230

One of the strong points of this navigator is the satellite viewvery practical if like me you tend to get lost, don’t orient yourself very well and have a tendency to get lost.

Despite the large amount of information it pours onto the screen, it offers decent quality and It is practical used with overhead view. In fact, it is one of the few things that I miss in Waze and that I have found in this application.

Img 4224

The Settings are well stocked And although the default configuration is good, we can deactivate avoiding tolls or unpaved roads, deactivate voice guidance (somewhat bland), activate or deactivate satellite view, and deactivate speed limits.

I was talking above that Here WeGo shows the traffic conditions and also speed cameras or closed roads, but in my experience it is not as precise or as exhaustive as Google Maps or Waze, with its active community to warn you of traffic jams, temporary dangers on the road or specific police checks (or for you to notify yourself, something you cannot do either) . So if real-time information is important to you, there are better options.

Img 4222

Here WeGo on Android Auto

When you simply want to get from A to B without getting lost, you don’t expect any more and you want simplicity, Here WeGo is a great free candidate. This classic and intuitive browser makes its simplicity its greatest virtue, being recommended to move without too many complications.

Having said that, What I liked the most by far is that satellite viewsomething that Waze does not offer and that this free application solves in a more schematic way than Google Maps, which is a success when you are more interested in finding your way around than delighting in the details.

But we can’t get

HERE WeGo: Maps and navigation

A free browser with clear and easy-to-use navigation

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