Facial recognition to detect hangover: the absurd promotion to get a discount on food

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820428422 238734200 1706x960.jpg

A new Burger King promotion allows you to get a discount if the mobile camera detects that the user has a hangover.

For several generations, many Android phones in Spain have integrated facial recognition as a biometric unlocking method, although Apple with its FaceID is one of the few companies that does so using an infrared depth sensor capable of better detecting the relief of the face. Although is not the only thing that can be done using information that reveals the face of a person, since there are even projects underway to detect changes in health status.

In the same way, a new promotion promises to use this technology to offer discounts to users, although in a somewhat peculiar way. And, in order to enjoy this, it will be necessary for the system to detect the presence of certain facial expressions hangover-related.

This discount has arrived at Burger King in Brazil, and promises greater offers depending on the level of hangover. The name they have given him is Hangover Whopperand will be available in the country until next January 2.

facial recognition

Christmas is a time when many lunches and dinners are usually celebrated with those closest to us, and it is not strange that, If there is alcohol involved, the next day can certainly be hard. Hence the company has decided to launch this curious promotion for a limited time.

This discount is only available for home delivery orders carried out from the company’s own app, which is where facial recognition is also carried out. In theory, the app will perform a scan of the user’s face to determine how hungover they are and offer them a combo and discount accordingly.

Burger King Promotion

Apparently, it is true that it analyzes the users’ faces to a certain extent and then gives them a score thanks to which it places them at one point on the scale or another. Logically, this is a promotion more aimed at generating user interest than at analyzing their degree of hangover, but the truth is that it is quite curious that the company has integrated this functionality into its application.

The company has received some criticism due to questions about the privacy of users’ biometric data, but has responded by stating that the process is completely secure, and that this information is used solely for promotional purposes. There is no news about the arrival of this curious promotion to Spain or other countries.

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