I had heard so much about WhatsApp Purple that I thought it was a scam, but no: this is how I got it safely

i had heard so much about whatsapp purple that i.webp.webp.webp
i had heard so much about whatsapp purple that i.webp.webp.webp

From time to time, different modified versions of the most popular messaging application that exists: WhatsApp become fashionable. So, over the years I have come across WhatsApp Gold, WhatsApp Pink or WhatsApp Red, all of them supposedly vitaminized alterations to have more functions but which in reality were a threat. And you have to Take extreme caution when giving permission to an unknown and unofficial application so that you can access sensitive information, such as our chats, contacts, location or photos (things we exchange on WhatsApp).

That’s why when I started seeing purple WhatsApp on the internet and even read that they attributed functions to it, I put my hands to my head: aren’t we facing another potentially dangerous application? No, but yes. Let me explain: actually it is simply change WhatsApp logo from green to purplesomething that at the moment cannot yet be done (but that is on the way). And here the danger appears again depending on which application you use to achieve it: this is a mere aesthetic issue, so it is not worth risking it with modified versions of WhatsApp.

The best options to change the color of an application shortcut

Look ahead to the options to change the color WhatsApp shortcut before it is official can only be done on Android, more open and flexible in terms of customization, options and presence of all types of applications (for better and for worse). From here, there is essentially three options to change the appearance of the icon on Android: that the manufacturer’s layer allows it, with icon packs or with a launcher.

Of the three, the best is the launcher and I’ll tell you why. Only Samsung allows this option through the app Good Lockwhich can be installed from Galaxy Store. But of course, if you don’t have a Samsung mobile, you can’t do it anymore. Icon packs usually have the handicap that they change all of them, so if you are only interested in a color change for WhatsApp only, it is not worth it. Finally, and if you don’t want to complicate things with compatibility and are looking for something safe and effective, it is best to Nova Launcher, a free launcher with an overwhelming level of customization.

How to change WhatsApp shortcut color from green to purple

After installing Nova Launcher on my mobile and running it so that the desktop and menu adapt, it is time to distribute and organize everything to our likingchange where the apps are, modify the shape and size of the icons, the application drawer, the folders… leaving everything as it suits us, it is finally time to change the color of the WhatsApp icon .

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Then we will have to get an image with the WhatsApp logo in purple, something we can do on our own or download from the internet. I downloaded it and saved it in the photo gallery. It is important that it has a transparent background (PNG) and that it has a size of at least 240 x 240.


Now with a long press on the application so that a pencil icon appears, which is the one we will touch. In that window that appears we can change the name, but if we touch the icon, we can also change the image. To select a theme, we will go to applications and enter where we have the image saved (in my case, the gallery). We select the purple WhatsApp photo, adjust the size and click ‘Done’. We will now have the WhatsApp icon in purple.

Nova Launcher

A very complete launcher to customize your Android to your liking

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