WhatsApp continues to think about what to do with the states and tests a new design that gives them more prominence

whatsapp continues to think about what to do with the.webp.webp.webp
whatsapp continues to think about what to do with the.webp.webp.webp

Since the channels arrived on WhatsApp, the application has tried different ways of displaying the statuses, which previously took up the entire tab and were later relegated to only a row of circular icons. In the future they could be a middle point: a horizontal list but of rectangular previews.

WhatsApp is testing a new design for your contacts’ status listwhich will show them larger than the current design and with the advantage that it includes a preview, so you know what to expect before tapping on them and seeing them.

New design and preview

Since channels arrived on WhatsApp, your friends’ statuses are visible through a circular icon that includes a ring around it, similar to how they work on Instagram or Facebook. This ring also appears in the chat list, so you don’t even need to open the chat tab. News to see what your friends have posted.

own News tab could change its design again giving a little more air to the states, which had been somewhat crowded at the top to make room for the channels. The split is still not 50-50%, but at least it seems closer to 60-40%.


What states look like today (left) and what they might look like in the future (right)

The most important thing about this change is that we can see a preview of the status before opening itsomething similar to what we have on Instagram in the tab stories but that was not the case in WhatsApp until now.

In return, channel list preview gets a little compresseddisplays less text and does not include an image in the list, being more similar to how chat lists are displayed in the application.

The new design has been spotted by WaBetaInfo in the beta version of WhatsApp, although not active yet for users. We will have to wait to know if it ends up materializing for everyone or if it remains just another experiment.

Via | WaBetaInfo

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