How to create a website with artificial intelligence?

Technological developments in recent years have seen the birth of artificial intelligence and the many tools that result from it. Rapidly democratized, these tools are now used in various sectors, including digital communication. However, professionals are not the only targeted users. Recent tools which allow, for example, the creation of a website using artificial intelligence are primarily aimed at individuals and newbies in the field.

In the age of artificial intelligence (AI), building a website is within the reach of almost everyone!

Design the web design of a site with artificial intelligence

With no less than 186 million active accounts in March 2023, ChatGPT conversational AI has established itself as one of the most used artificial intelligences.


Did you know that it can be used to design the web design of any website? Thanks to its ability to search for information and interact with user needs, a conversational AI like ChatGPT can allow a person without particular technical skills to create a website.

To create a website with ChatGPT artificial intelligence, you just need to focus on a specific stage of web design: that of design. It is therefore entirely possible to ask the ChatGPT AI to:

  • generate structural ideas for a website and its different pages;
  • offer sources and inspirations for web design;
  • write roadmaps for the design of models;
  • etc.

Like a brief for a website creation agency … The more detailed the requests, the more relevant the suggestions will be!


Use AI to generate visual and textual content

AI image generators such as Midjourney and DALL-E are other types of AI that can be used to create a website. Capable of producing images and illustrations of all kinds, they can very quickly enrich the visual content of a site being created.

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The conversational artificial intelligences presented previously can also be used for content creation. Their ability to generate all types of textual content makes it possible to supply a website under construction with blog articles, presentation texts, descriptions or even marketing texts.

Create a website from A to Z using artificial intelligence

Users looking for all-in-one platforms can turn to tools such as Wix ADI, Jimdo or the Hostinger website builder to create a site from scratch using artificial intelligence.

These complete and intuitive solutions are based on assisted creation systems:


  • targeting questionnaire;
  • click-and-drag customization tool;
  • steps to complete;
  • pre-designed templates;
  • etc.

Practical and accessible, AI-assisted creation nonetheless remains unsuitable for certain types of projects. To design a 100% personalized and optimized website on all technical levels, you should call on an agency specializing in web development.