We have tested the best accessory to save your photos and data on your mobile with military-grade security

we have tested the best accessory to save your photos and data on your mobile with military grade security
we have tested the best accessory to save your photos and data on your mobile with military grade security

The Kingston Ironkey Keypad 200C unit with USB Type C connection offers an incredible experience due to the flexibility and security it provides.

Kingston is very popular for any accessory or hardware related to memory such as its RAM sticks for PCs . Their USB Flash memory drives are also well known, but perhaps not so much those dedicated to data security as is the case with the Kingston Ironkey Keypad 200C that we have been able to test.

This great accessory for storing data from your mobile phone or even from a laptop or PC can be purchased in Spain for a price of 178.14 euros in its 32 GB version with USB type-C connection. There are variants that range from 8 GB for 109.99 euros to 512 GB to stay at 376.99 euros; and the USB type-A option, although without the possibility of accessing the 512 GB model.

A USB drive that is characterized by its FIPS 140-3 Level 3 certification , being independent of the device or operating system, multi-PIN, USB 3.2 Gen 1 and a reading speed of 280 Megabytes per second. In this case in EL ESPAÑOL – El Androide Libre we have been able to test the unit with USB type-C so that we can connect it to any device, be it a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

The flexibility provided by this type of connection allows you to take this USB drive anywhere to connect it to your mobile phone at all times and keep any file or multimedia content that is downloaded to your mobile phone or tablet safe, which adds greater value to your mobile experience. have a 256-bit XTS-AES hardware-based encryption system.

As can be seen in the photographs taken of the Kingston USB Type-C drive, it has an alphanumeric keyboard that allows you to type the access PIN to all the files it contains. There is another important factor to avoid all types of attacks against the components: its circuitry is covered by a layer of special epoxy that means that if an attempt is made to manipulate, the components would be damaged in order to alert the user that there has been obvious manipulation.

Kingston has not forgotten anything in the protection and even the keys are covered with a layer of polymer that, apart from protecting them, hides the keystrokes and thus avoids the analysis of possible fingerprint marks.

Another highlight of the Kingston Ironkey Keypad 200C is that it includes a rechargeable battery to unlock the unit without using any software and keep the stick completely independent of platforms and operating systems.

Usage experience

Having an encrypted USB drive has its advantages, but you also have to get used to unlocking it and using it , since if for some reason you forget the user PIN code, you would have to use the administrator PIN (provided it had been created) to access the content.

If both were forgotten or an administrator PIN had not been created, there would be no choice but to reset the KP200 and lose its contents. To create a PIN there are also a series of established criteria : it must be between 8 to 15 digits and must not contain only repetitive or consecutive numbers.

What is always recommended is to enter the PIN code before connecting the USB stick to a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Above all because it is more convenient: press the key button (the flashing red LED lights up), enter the PIN code and press the same button again so that the LED light turns green, warning of the unlocking of the unit . Now you can connect without problems to access data.

Whenever you disconnect, it is recommended that on Android you eject the drive from the status bar . If not, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra itself will force the mobile to restart to ensure that the storage unit is in good condition. Another point to take into account: connecting the USB Type C stick to a laptop is not the same as connecting it to a mobile phone (on a Galaxy S24 Ultra you have to remove the case for it to connect properly).

Another recommendation is to have the manual nearby or the PDF in order to recover the user PIN code or reset it if there is a problem or someone has simply tried to access its contents. The unit locks after reaching the maximum number of 10 user login attempts. The administrator PIN would be used to unlock it, but if for some reason it was entered incorrectly 10 consecutive times, the protection against force attacks would erase the unit, eliminating all its data .

I buy it?

The Kingston Ironkey Keypad 200C USB drive is a very sweet candy to put in your mouth and protect the files that are downloaded or created from your mobile. In fact, we wanted to try the USB type C version for this reason, since it is a great accessory for your cell phone or tablet (as well as a laptop or PC).

It offers the maximum possible security in data encryption and in our case, in the unit with the connection that has become universal in the European Union ( in Spain every electronic product launched on the market must carry it ), it is a  very special gadget in finishes, design and experience and, repeating it, especially because it can be connected to a mobile phone or tablet to protect any file at all times. And yes, the purchase is more than recommended.


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