This is what would happen if you entered a black hole

this is what would happen if you entered a black hole
this is what would happen if you entered a black hole

The black hole is one of the most captivating space phenomena , one that generates both fear and curiosity. Therefore, the fact that we can now experience the sensation of entering a black hole is something that is fascinating. You can do it by following the instructions we give you below and thanks to work that comes directly from NASA.

Do you remember the movie Interstellar? It was possibly the first time we had the opportunity to see such a realistic and captivating representation of a black hole on the big screen. But it was cinema and special effects, no matter how much different scientists worked on creating this phenomenon. What we see now in a simulation carried out by NASA is a more realistic and convincing appearance, a vision that gives us goosebumps, but that, for some reason, we cannot stop looking at.

Do you dare to enter the black hole?

The video of the NASA simulation, as we told you, is shocking . They have produced it through the use of the Discover supercomputer at the NCCS (NASA Center for Climate Simulation) and the result is so realistic that there comes a time when, if we are watching it by immersing ourselves in the images, we will get to “get lost” inside. of the hole.

The sequence begins with the camera gradually approaching the black hole. We see it in the distance and how we are getting closer and closer. Already at that moment it is easy to feel certain tickles, but the moment we “enter” into the hole is when the psychedelia occurs. If we watch the video on a device that allows 360-degree vision, such as a virtual reality headset, we are guaranteed to experience a moment that we will not easily forget.

However, NASA itself mentions that it has simplified the simulation in some aspects, since otherwise it would have been a practically unsustainable video. What they have eliminated, above all, has been the rotation factor. The result, however, is well worth it. The image focuses on what happens in this massive black hole that generates exaggeratedly particular sensations .

What black hole is it?

Those responsible for the simulation say that they have been inspired by the large black hole that has a size of 4.3 million the mass of the Sun and that is in the surroundings of the Milky Way . Surely you have heard about this black hole on more than one occasion and you know its characteristics and the massive presence it has in our universe.

The reason why this type of simulation had not been done until now is because, previously, the available methods were rather ineffective. What they have managed to do in 5 days using Discover would have taken 10 years on a normal computer . To create the black hole, thousands of data have been taken as reference, which, in the end, has accumulated a volume of 10 terabytes.

Overall, it is a spectacular experience. It helps us understand the magnitude of black holes , what it would mean to enter one of them, and what lies hidden in the universe beyond our daily lives. As we indicated, you can play the video on YouTube simply with your computer or mobile phone and move the screen to use that 360-degree view mode. But the most impressive thing is to put on a headset and let the black hole surround you.

However, keep in mind that at the end of the experience, you may feel a little dizzy from the way the black hole keeps folding the universe and creating a strange sensation as the video progresses. It is, as we told you, something that is difficult to stop watching, because it is engaging, but it transmits a feeling of unease that is difficult to explain.


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