Google presents the Pixel 8a, the most anticipated mid-range phone: high-end camera and AI functions for 549 euros

google presents the pixel 8a, the most anticipated mid range phone high end camera and ai functions for 549 euros
google presents the pixel 8a, the most anticipated mid range phone high end camera and ai functions for 549 euros

The Google smartphone arrives in Spain with the ambition of being the king of the mid-range, inheriting the best features of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. 

Google has unveiled one of the most anticipated phones of the year, the Pixel 8a . It is a week ahead of Google I/O  and launches its mid-range smartphone that expands the experience of  the Pixel 8 family  at a lower price than the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro versions . Although the price in Spain increases slightly compared to the previous generation since it goes on sale for 549 euros, 40 euros more than when the Pixel 7a came out.  The phone does not only arrive in Spain, as Google has also launched the Pixel Tablet for 499 euros .

The company explains that this price increase is due to a better phone experience and a greater ambition that the power and performance gap between the A series is increasingly smaller with respect to its older brothers. And the truth is that he is right.

This new phone incorporates the Tensor G3 processor, the same as the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro and is designed to incorporate AI functions that have already become essential in the rest of the phone family such as the magic eraser or circle to search , a top-notch camera, a robust security certification, and a brand-new, ground-breaking promise for a mid-range phone:  seven years of software support, with security and Android updates , and regular updates with new features and features. improvements.

The camera as a claim

The great claim of the Pixel 8a is its relationship between quality and price, especially in the field of photography. Google has managed to do very high quality photography work with its family of mobile devices that it brings to all levels, including its mid-range mobile.

Specifically, the Pixel 8a has a dual rear camera with a 64-megapixel main sensor and a 13-megapixel wide-angle sensor , which places it among the best in its price range. Likewise, it opts for a 13-megapixel front camera with a wide field of view, thinking about group selfies.

However, Google’s true ‘magic’ at a photographic level is in the editing that, thanks to AI based on the Tensor G3 chip , allows you to get the most out of photos and videos beyond the processing it performs on them.

Thus, the Pixel 8a incorporates Best Version , the function for group photos in which you can choose the best expression of each person ; Magic Editor , which allows you to modify the position and size of people and objects; Magic Audio Eraser that allows you to easily eliminate other people’s background sounds… and thus improve clarity and sharpness. In addition, it includes functions such as High Resolution Zoom with up to 8x magnification, Magic Eraser, Night Vision and Focus Photo . Like the rest of Pixel devices, Pixel 8a includes the Real Tone function , which is responsible for accurately representing each person’s skin tone in photos, and now also in videos.

Google’s AI is very present in the phone and goes beyond the camera. It is immersed in the experience of using the device with the idea of ​​doing tasks in a faster and easier way, adapting more than ever to the user with widgets such as ‘at a glance’ or functionalities such as ‘circle to search’.

Among the most interesting features of the phone is the Call Assistant with AI-assisted functions that allows you to filter calls, direct them, put them on hold or make them much clearer. As a novelty, with the Pixel 8a Google presents Audio Emojis , which invites the user to react with emoticons to phone calls.

More storage

At the design level, the Pixel 8a follows the line of the Pixel family with a marked protuberance on the camera module that allows it to be easily recognized and given a necessary character in the telephone market. Google is betting on four colors, with striking blue and green colors along with the classic black and white.

Go for rounded edges, a matte back and a polished aluminum frame. The key to this device is that it has been developed to be durable, so it has an IP67 protection rating that promises to withstand shocks, water splashes and dust. “It’s the toughest A Series phone to date,” boasts Google.

It maintains the size of the 6.1-inch screen but the panel is considerably better thanks to having a brightness 40% higher than the Pixel 7a and a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which seeks fluidity in the user experience. Specifically, it has up to 1400 nits (HDR) and up to 2000 nits (when the brightness is maximum), compatible with HDR.

Regarding memory, it has 8 GB of RAM and for the first time Google offers the option of 256 GB of storage , although it maintains 128 GB for the most affordable version. It also has 30W fast charging and wireless charging.

Price and availability

The Pixel 8a has a price starting at 549 euros and can be reserved from today. As part of the launch promotion, for those people who buy it between now and June 4 at an authorized dealer and deliver an eligible old phone, they will have a 150 euro discount , in addition to the value of the phone they deliver.

With this promotion Google wants to support the good direction that its devices are taking in the Spanish market, and the Pixel 8a is the best proof of this. “It’s much more than a list of specifications. Our goal is to deliver an extraordinary experience powered by Google AI.  More smart features, a truly affordable price and a bold, innovative design. A phone that changes the rules of the game. It’s a fantastic addition to the range formed by the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro mobile phones, which offers even more options to Spanish consumers,” explains Elena Sánchez, country lead, devices and services Partnerships, Spain and Portugal.


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