Google updates to make it easier to share, but removes one of the best search additions

google updates to make it easier to share, but removes one of the best search additions
google updates to make it easier to share, but removes one of the best search additions

The Google Search app has been updated with new features that will make it possible to share a link without having to open the website.

Google is the most used search engine in Spain according to Statista data , with a 95% market share . From your mobile it is possible to use a browser such as Google Chrome to access the platform and the search application, it offers you a different experience, but it essentially serves the same purpose.

Now, the American company has decided to update some functionalities in both the search engine and the app to make it easier for users to share the content they have found thanks to their search. However, along the way a very useful indicator that until now was in the app is also lost.

Google usually introduces new features to its platform constantly, something that the company does to try to offer more and more possibilities to its users . These are in addition to the addition of machine learning to the Google Chrome address bar to help improve suggestions.

Google updates

Until now, the only way to share a link from a search result in the Google app was to open the website in question in a browser to copy the URL or hit the share button. From now on, this process will be much easier thanks to the company’s latest news.

Now, the company has introduced a share button thanks to which frequent contacts and applications are displayed, in case you want to share the link directly. In addition, it can also be copied to the clipboard, as well as read in its entirety before sharing it. To do this, you just have to do a search in the Google app and click on the three-dot menu next to the result and then click on the share button.

On the other hand, the American company would have silently removed one of the most useful indicators that we find in the application. This is the indicator that shows the number of results returned by each of the user’s searches, and which can be helpful in knowing whether a lot of content has been found or not.

This absence has been noticed in both the mobile and desktop versions, and where this badge previously appeared, right under the text box, there is now only a blank space. Of course, no other search features have been affected, so the rest of the functions function completely normal.

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