This Android device with a Kindle screen would be great if it were a mobile phone

this android device with a kindle screen would be great if it were a mobile phone
this android device with a kindle screen would be great if it were a mobile phone

There are many who are not being convinced by the brightness and intense colors. Lovers of reading and digital minimalism are finding this device a very interesting option for their daily lives.

It has been giving a lot of talk for several months. It is a portable device that has almost everything to be a mobile phone, except the final step: having a SIM card reader. For the rest, it looks like an Android phone with its respective WiFi connections, Bluetooth, camera and 6GB RAM , but with one peculiarity: its screen.

Designed for reading anywhere, the BOOX Palma is a reading device that is reminiscent of Amazon’s Kindle for its black and white screen with E Ink technology . As indicated on their website, the device combines the high performance and size of a smartphone with a screen that makes reading easy without tiring the eyes.

We could be talking about simply a smaller Kindle, but it is far from staying that way. With Android 11 system (and, therefore, with Google Play Store), having 128 GB of ROM memory , USB-C port and SD card reader , it is a device that simulates a smartphone perfectly, although it is not yet one since it does not have mobile connectivity or SIM card compatibility.


On YouTube, there are many users who say that they would buy the device without hesitation to replace their phone with it. The reason is not only that they want an e-Reader to read anywhere, but that having a mobile phone with a screen of these characteristics can improve health in several ways.

The first, most basic and highlighted by the brand itself, is that it prevents eye fatigue, but the second is that, being in black and white, the most addictive content on the mobile is no longer as attractive, making it easier for people aware of spending too much time on the phone can begin to improve their consumption habits and end addictions to social networks. All this, while they dedicate the time saved after stopping watching so many TikTok videos to reading more, as it is a device specially designed for this.

A very positive reception in networks

«They need to turn this into a SIM card phone. “I would buy one immediately,” says a user on YouTube, and it has everything for a mobile phone: 16MP camera with flash, speaker, microphone, octa-core CPU and support for third-party applications. The classic two volume up and down buttons that we find on many phones are used on the BOOX Palma for this purpose and, in addition, to turn the page forward or back when reading an ebook.

It is, however, a peculiar combination that has received good reviews from reviewers on YouTube and has sparked enthusiasm among users on X. Given the dozens of comments that ask the company to create a new model with capacity for cards SIM, it would not be surprising if the company is already working on a new model of this eReader that in turn serves as a phone itself. With it, they could take advantage of the market niche embraced by the trend towards digital minimalism.

And it is even possible to play mobile games with it. The fact that it is in black and white, or that the framerate still seems too slow for completely fluid gameplay, does not prevent the experience from being interesting for many. “My God, add a SIM card and I’d be willing to give up my iPhone for this,” says @Michael_Urwin.

In addition to this digital reader in mobile size, BOOX also has tablets and monitors for Windows, Mac or Linux with E Ink screens for sale, proposing a different way of looking at our everyday devices.


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