Amazon discounts this sports camera to record incredible videos at sea or in the mountains

amazon discounts this sports camera to record incredible videos at sea or in the mountains
amazon discounts this sports camera to record incredible videos at sea or in the mountains

If you like to go hiking on the weekends, or have a vacation or big trip planned soon, a camera like the Akaso Brave 7 can be a perfect complement.

With the Brave 7 you can record videos or take impressive photographs to show off on social networks, being able to easily adhere it to your body and submerge with it in the ocean, climb a mountain or drive a quad.

We have to live in the moment to the fullest, but we all like to have something to teach others when we return from doing an activity in which we are going to give the best of ourselves, such as surfing, diving, skating, taking a route. demanding or practicing a sport.

If you are also a regular user of Instagram, TikTok or YouTube and share content on any of them, one of these cameras will come in handy. From the brand itself they claim to be the “best alternative to GoPro . And the Brave 7 model offers very high specifications for a lower price than several GoPro models. Especially now, when it is reduced by 37% on Amazon for a limited time.

With the flash offer that the e-commerce giant has applied, the model we are discussing remains at 151.99 euros , compared to the 239.99 euros that it would normally cost.

Specifically, the Brave 7 offers 4K recording, 20MP photographs, WiFi connection, water immersion up to 10 meters deep, support for voice control, and a remote control to easily check that the device is recording. In addition, it has a special anti-shake function and a 4x optical zoom.

According to the product sheet on Amazon, the angle can be adjusted between 170°, 140°, 110° and 70°, also having distortion calibration to correct the images. Its memory to save files is a MicroSD card type.

Make videos without having to be distracted

There are two features of this camera that are especially interesting if you don’t want to have to put it on and take it off all the time to check that it is recording correctly. We have mentioned them: they are voice control and visual remote control.

With the remote control you can check that the camera is on and that recording has started, as well as start it. In turn, with voice control you can ask the camera to take a photo without having to press any button.

This way, making videos won’t be a huge hassle that ends up distracting you from the moment, but once the camera is in place, you’ll be able to control it quickly without having to pay too much attention to it. This is important if you are practicing any sport, such as skiing or cycling, and cannot be as aware of the camera.

With its 4k recording quality and 30 frames per second, you can use the videos on your social networks, whether you are a video blogger or just occasionally, and not only to impress your friends or family, but to immortalize those memories for always. Finally, also mention that it has a double screen, one front and one rear. The front one can be useful to, for example, check that the angle is correct when you are taking a selfie.


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