These are the best ways to summarize books with artificial intelligence

these are the best ways to summarize books with artificial.jpg
these are the best ways to summarize books with artificial.jpg

Surely you have ever tried to read a book that contains hundreds of pages and, out of laziness, you have ended up abandoning it, or you have become desperate when you have to digest a large volume of documentation and have been working for long hours. If you feel identified, we offer you the opportunity to save time by using a series of artificial intelligence tools to make summaries of texts in a jiffy.

We well know that artificial intelligence has come to stay in our lives, since in recent years its evolution has been stratospheric. However, depending on the use we make of it, it can be helpful for different tasks that we do on a daily basis. In fact, There are more and more companies that put the use of AI into practice and they even create their own mechanisms based on this technology to achieve greater comfort in their production process.

In this case, artificial intelligence can be used to summarize texts of all types, whether books, documents, manuals, etc., with the aim of saving time in a more productive way. To do this, there are many options that use AI to carry out this task, but in these lines we are going to take a tour to give you the best online applications to summarize texts.


ChatGPT has become the well-known artificial intelligence of our times, despite the fact that its implementation has caused disagreements due to its imprecision. But it can also be beneficial. This tool contains a very natural use of language and a series of instructions can be implemented to summarize any book for us. For example, we can note that he summarizes the book “The Alchemist”, by Paulo Coelho, in the following way: Summarizes the book The Alchemist. But you can also try putting the command the command !summarize in front of the book name.

Thus, ChatGPT will make a general summary of the entire book in a clear and fast way. However, it is possible to go deeper analyzing a chapter of the book in question and ask you to just summarize that part. But you can also copy a text taken from the Internet and paste it into the AI ​​chat par excellence, in such a way that it summarizes that entire document.

chatgpt summarize books

Humata AI

It is an application with which you can interact by asking all kinds of specific questions on the text you want to attach. For example, you can ask who the protagonist is in the case of a novel, or also ask to show a judicial rule in the case of a legal document.

Be that as it may, the texts must be uploaded in Pdf format with a limited number of 60 pages in its free version. However, Humata AI also has a paid subscription to get more out of it.

humata ai summarize books


TLDR This has enough technology to summarize books effectively. On this occasion, you can copy the URL of the document so that it provides as much precision as possible and efficiently summarizes that specific piece. In addition, this application has a extension for internet browsers with the function of summarizing the content of any website with a single click.

Therefore, TLDR This offers you the possibility of dealing with complex text and make it an easy and simple read to battle Although it is a completely free platform, the functions it integrates are more modest than its previous competitor.

tldr this summarize texts

Perplexity AI

Last, but not least, we are going to highlight one of the best-known applications for summarizing texts, PerPlexity AI. This artificial intelligence creates very precise summaries of very dense texts which can be overwhelming. It also has a extension in internet browsersin such a way that it can summarize websites with long texts in the blink of an eye.

Once we have presented you with the best alternatives for summarizing texts, it is now time to put them into practice in order to improve your productivity and make your time more useful.